Tear Drop Throw
Tear Drop Throw
Tear Drop Throw
Tear Drop Throw
Tear Drop Throw
Tear Drop Throw

Tear Drop Throw

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A unique motif throw, inspired by Jane Crowfoot's Mystical Lanterns Design.
Kit includes Mary Maxim Prism and Best Value yarns. Shown in Autumn Mist Prism/Cottonwood Best Value.

The most amazing things happen when a crafter mixes two of our Mary Maxim premium yarns in one beautiful design such as the Tear Drop Throw. Mary Maxim Prism and Mary Maxim Best Value yarns work together in the Tear Drop Throw to create a cascade of color. Motifs, when carefully placed together, will give the appearance that they have been spun off one continuous ball of Mary Maxim Prism yarn.

This highly photo-intensive pattern gives great care for the detail-oriented crafter to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. Mary Maxim Prism yarn has rich color runs that will highlight any afghan or throw you are working.

The Tear Drop Throw is unique in that no two motifs are ever the same and in turn, will create a unique masterpiece any time this pattern is recreated. Using Mary Maxim Best Value yarn in Cottonwood as the model is shown, gives a soft balance to the rich colors of the Prism yarn used in Autumn Mist.

The Tear Drop Throw is a challenge in the aspect that it will ask the crafter to pay close attention to gauge, stitch count, and placement of motifs. However, it will pique the curiosity by varying stitches and continuing to engage with the brilliance of colors in Mary Maxim Prism yarn.

Most crocheters will not have to learn anything new and will breeze through the motifs enjoying the smooth Mary Maxim Best Value. After the motifs have been completed, the joining will create beautiful ribbons of Mary Maxim Prism winding around the motifs, and Mary Maxim Best Value will define those motifs and border the entire throw in a frame of cottonwood for this model.

The Tear Drop Throw can be placed as a showpiece with that splash of color in a living room or the welcoming bedspread for a spare room with guests coming to stay awhile.

To complete the Tear Drop Throw Kit you will need a size G-6 (4.00 mm) hook.  Check the box at the hook below to add an extra hook to your order.  When finished the Tear Drop Throw measures approximately 43 inches by 61 inches.


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Additional Information

Brand: Mary Maxim
Fashion: Home Decor
Hook Size: G-6 (4 mm)
Size: hook-G-6 (4 mm)
Length: 61" (154.94 cm)
Needle Size: N/A
Size: needle-N/A
Project Type: Crochet
Width: 43" (109.22 cm)
Yarn Range Number: 161