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Medium/Worsted Weight Yarn

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Worsted weight yarn is one the most popular yarns in the knitting or crocheting world. Also known as ‘afghan,’ ‘aran yarn,’ or simply ‘medium,’ or as “10-ply yarn” in Australia and the UK. Worsted weight yarn is a medium weight yarn that sits in the middle of the yarn weight family. If you’re shopping for this type of yarn, look for the term “Worsted” or the Category 4 symbol on the yarn label. This number on the label is a standardized yarn weight system from the Craft Yarn Council, which helps yarn manufacturers categorize yarn weights.

Worsted yarn is heavier than DK, sport weight, baby weight, and superfine, but lighter than chunky and bulky yarn. It's easy to work with and knits up quickly without too much bulk. It can be made from a variety of fibers including acrylic, wool, and alpaca. This makes worsted weight yarn a great choice for accessories such as scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, afghans, and other garments for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels. Browse our extensive selection of worsted yarns and patterns for your next project!

Why Use A Medium/Worsted Weight Yarn

Worsted yarns are the workhorse of the knitting world, and there’s a good reason for that. They’re durable, versatile, widely available and easy to knit with. Made of aran weight yarn and heavy worsted weight yarn, they come in a variety of yarn plies, from one-ply to eight-plies. A single-ply yarn will be thinner and easier to break than eight ply yarns. So, when choosing a type of worsted weight yarn, consider what your final project will be. If you plan to knit a scarf, go for a single-ply yarn, but if you want to knit a pair of socks, a three or four-ply yarn would be a great choice. Also, worsted weight yarn is great for trying out new techniques or stitches thanks to it's clear stitch definition.

Needles and Knitting Gauge For Your Worsted Weight Yarn Project

The exact size needles or hooks used for worsted weight yarns will ultimately depend on the project. In general, the recommended needle size is a US size 7 to 9 (4.5-5.5 mm). The recommended crochet hook size is US size I-9 to K-10 1⁄2 (5.5 – 6.5 mm). Regarding the knitting or crochet gauge for worsted yarn, expect a gauge of 16-20. But we always suggest to check the yarn label to make sure that you're choosing the recommended gauge or needle size for knitting “standard” fabric.
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