Crochet Hooks

      Crochet away with a premium crochet hook in your hand! Streamlined for comfort and precision, each of our hooks will allow you to craft conveniently and adeptly. Search the size options for the right length and width hook for your project, bearing in mind that thicker hooks are perfect for chunky-knit crochet pieces while thinner hooks will lend themselves to a more precise touch.
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      Crochetmaster Crochet Hook Set
      Furls Streamline Wooden Teak Crochet Hooks
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      6" (15 cm) Crochet Hooks
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      39" (100 cm) Circular Crochet Hook
      Furls Streamline Wooden Camwood Crochet Hooks
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      12" (30.48 cm) Afghan Hook
      Crochet On The Double Hooks
      5" (13 cm) Steel Crochet Hooks
      8 inch Bulky Crochet Hooks
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      Crochet Speed Hook Size S-35
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      Aluminum Ergo 12 Piece Hook Set