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About Mary Maxim

Our Story

Welcome to Mary Maxim exclusive yarn and crafts. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the crafting community for over 65 years. Together, four generations of McPhedrain’s have been leading Mary Maxim throughout it's rich history in the United States and Canada.

When you buy from a family business, you are buying a way of life. For the McPhedrain family, this means that there have always been spouses, sons, daughters and even grandchildren that work side by side with our staff doing what is necessary to ensure a great order experience for you.

Our History

In the 1930’s, our founders Willard and Olive McPhedrain started the Mary Maxim journey with Sifton Products, in Sifton, Manitoba. Willard was the station manager at the nearest railroad station and used his railroad connections to market Sifton Products across Canada. Spinning wheels and various other products were first before eventually producing their first yarn range. Years later, the company name was changed to Mary Maxim following the personal marketing idea behind Betty Crocker. Then, the pairing of graft style sweater patterns with our yarn started Mary Maxim on the road to success.

After a couple of moves, Willard and Olive settled in Paris, Ontario. At this point, their son Larry is now working with them. Larry then sees an opportunity in the United States and moves his family to Port Huron , Michigan to introduce Mary Maxim to the US in 1956. Larry’s son, Rusty, grows up working and learning the family business. He later becomes the third generation leader.

Rusty and his wife Jane raise three children instilling in them the importance of family values and business. Their two sons Chad and Mitch now work along side their father to continue our great family business legacy. Over the years the business has grew and evolved, but one thing remained constant: Our commitment to providing high-quality affordable yarns, beautifully designed patterns, and a variety of creative crafts to our customers.

  • Willard & Olive McPhedrain

    Our Founders

  • Larry McPhedrain

    2nd Generation

  • Rusty & Jane McPhedrain

    3rd Generation

The Future

Today, Mary Maxim is lead by Willards grandson, Rusty McPhedrain, great grandsons Chad & Mitch McPhedrain, and of course the help of other family members and our experienced staff. We are dedicated to carrying on the legacy and love of being able to help our customers bring their creative visions to life.

We offer a wide selection of exclusive Mary Maxim yarns along with a large library of kits and patterns to support projects of any kind. We also carry a variety of popular brand name yarns, knit/crochet accessories, jigsaw puzzles, seasonal crafts for every occasion and much more. It warms our hearts knowing that our customers and their families have been able to fill their homes with such unique handmade items for many years.

As the McPhedrain family, we believe crafting is more than a hobby, it is a way of life. We are proud to be a part of the crafting community, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service possible. Thank you for choosing us as your go-to-source for all your yarn and crafting needs.