20 Free Lion Brand Mandala Yarn Patterns

Choosing the right yarn is an important step for any crochet project. And by this, we don’t only mean the fiber content and weight (although these are very important). The color of your yarn also plays a crucial role in how your piece will turn out. But why settle for a single color? Lion Brand Mandala Yarn is a multi-color, self-striping yarn that allows you to create colorful patterns without having to stop and change yarns every few stitches. Still, self-striping yarn does take a little bit of practice to master, so we decided to gather 20 free Lion Brand Mandala Yarn patterns to get you started!

But before we jump into all the shawls, sweaters, blankets, and dresses you can make with this yarn, let’s take a moment to learn more about what Lion Brand Mandala Yarn even is and why it was an instant hit among crocheters, both beginners and experts.

What Is Mandala Yarn

Mandala Yarn is a 100% acrylic DK-weight yarn by Lion Brand. It is quite popular among crocheters — beginners and experts alike. It comes with 590 yards of yarn per ball, making one ball enough for most projects you can imagine. Additionally, as it is a 100% acrylic fiber, this yarn is easy to work with, even for complete novices.  

What to Make With Mandala Yarn

One of the main selling points of DK-weight yarn is its versatility. It is at just the right spot between light and heavy to make almost any project possible. You can use Lion Brand Mandala Yarn to crochet anything from scarves and shawls to hats, blankets, and shirts.

Lion Brand Mandala Yarn Types

Aside from the classic Lion Brand Mandala Yarn, there are also variations, such as:
- Mandala Watercolors
- Mandala Craft Cake
- Mandala Sparkle Yarn
- Mandala Sequin Yarn
- Mandala Thick & Quick Yarn

Colors of Lion Brand Mandala Yarn

The main reason behind the popularity of Lion Brand Mandala Yarn is the colors it comes in. This is a multi-color, self-striping yarn with some beautiful, vibrant combinations. For instance, there is Pegasus, with shades ranging from deep green to light peach, or Spirit, with various shades of blue. The wide variety and beautiful color combinations will make any project you crochet really pop out.

Lion Brand Mandala Free Crochet Patterns

Now that you’re better acquainted with Lion Brand Mandala Yarn, it’s time to take a look at some great free patterns that use it. The patterns below vary in skill level, so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crocheter, you’ll find something for yourself.
1. Mandala Granny Square Afghan

Granny squares are one of the basic, oldest, and most popular crochet motifs out there, and they are great for making an array of items, including blankets and afghans. If you want to practice your granny squares, this easy Free Granny Squares Baby Afghan pattern is a good place to start. You’ll need three balls of yarn in different colors and an H-8 hook.

2. Mandala Ombre Pillow

This fun Ombre Pillow Pattern by Make and Do Crew calls for three balls of Mandala yarn in your chosen color combinations, along with an upholstery needle, J hook, some stitch markers and pins, and a 16-inch pillow form. Since the pattern requires some color switching and careful stitch counting, it might not be the best option for complete beginners.

3. Mandala Crochet Shawl

Source: Sewrella

Sewrella’s Mandala Shawl pattern is very easy to follow, even for beginners. All it requires are some chain stitches and DC stitches. The pattern originally uses the Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle Yarn, but you can also use the regular Mandala Yarn if you so prefer.

4. Mandala Yarn One-Ball Crochet Scarf

This One Ball Scarf makes for a perfect gift for both men and women. As the name suggests, you will only need one ball of yarn (thanks to Mandala’s hefty size and vibrant color combinations). The pattern is beginner-friendly, and it’s a great project to practice working with self-striping yarn.

5. Mandala Point Hope Cardigan

Whether you’re an intermediate crocheter or a beginner looking for a challenge, the Point Hope Cardigan is just the project you need. The pattern can help you make the cardigan in three different sizes. It originally uses the Lion Brand Mandala yarn in the Centaur, Sphinx, and Warlock color combinations, which produces a warm-toned, fall-weather garment.

6. Mandala Crochet Mittens

This easy, colorful crochet mittens pattern comes in both video and written form. So even if you’re a visual learner, this project will be simple to follow. The pattern uses Lion Brand Mandala Yarn in the Wizard color combo, but you’re welcome to pick any combination that fits your taste.

7. Mandala Crochet Blanket Bag

Are you a fan of two-in-one projects? Then this Mandala Crochet Blanket Bag will be right up your alley. As the name suggests, you can use this piece as both a blanket and a bag, making it a great accessory for any avid picnic-goer. And don’t let the seeming complexity of the project fool you, this is an easy pattern that even beginners can tackle.

8. Mandala Crochet Sweater With a Hood

Hoodie season is pretty much any crocheter’s favorite season, and pieces such as this Crochet Sweater With a Hood are the biggest reason why. Despite being easy-to-follow and beginner-friendly, the pattern produces a breathtaking piece great for a walk around the park, lounging around at home, or a family get-together.

9. Mandala Crochet Wrap

Source: One Dog Woof

If hoodies aren’t really your thing, then this Adirondack Crochet Wrap can keep you warm in the cool fall months. You will need three skeins of yarn, ideally in the same color. The pattern is easy to follow and calls for a size-J hook, a tapestry needle, and, optionally, a tassel maker.

10. Mandala Crochet Skirt

This easy-to-make Amalfi Skirt uses the ripple technique to create a vibrant, multi-color pattern. With three balls of different color Mandala yarn, you can make a 34-inch long skirt. The waist measures around 32 inches, although this is easily adjustable using a simple drawstring. Despite the seemingly complicated pattern, this project is beginner-friendly.

11. Mandala Crochet Cowl

This easy Gradient Ripple Cowl is an excellent project to practice the ripple motif. It requires one ball of Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Yarn, as well as a size-H hook and a large-eyed blunt needle for weaving in the ends. The original pattern uses the Harmony color combination, producing a cowl in various shades of blue. If you would like to try some other colors, we recommend Chi (purple) or Zen (green). Of course, you’re welcome to try any other color combination you prefer. 

12. Mandala Crochet Blanket

Source: Betty McKnit

Blankets crocheted using the Lion Brand Mandala Yarn are simply stunning, no matter how you make them. The 6-Day Boom Blanket is another ripple-based pattern, although somewhat more complicated than the cowl above. For this reason, this project is better suited for intermediate crocheters than for beginners.

13. Mandala Crochet Hat

This Chroma Hat is actually part of a set that also includes the mittens listed under #6 on this list. You will need one ball of yarn and a size H hook. Optionally, you can use a pom pom maker for the pom at the top of the hat. Keep in mind that you can also make a pom pom with just a couple of pieces of cardboard and some scissors, though. Still, the pattern includes approximate sizes for toddlers, children, and teens, as well as three adult sizes.

14. Mandala Crochet Headband

This super-simple Tie-Dye Headband/Ear Warmer pattern is likely the easiest project on our list. Still, it produces a fun and fashionable headpiece. You will need a ball of Lion Brand Mandala Ombre Yarn in the color of your choice and a size-H crochet hook. The size can be easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches. The best way to know the right size of the headband is to go for a one-inch larger band than the circumference of the head.

15. Mandala Crochet Dress

Source: Lion Brand

Crochet garments don’t have to be reserved for fall and winter, and this Miranda Crochet Dress is living proof of that. This is a rather large project, so you will need around four balls of yarn for it. The pattern originally uses the Groot color combination of Lion Brand Mandala Yarn. This will yield a 54-inch long dress. This is a one-size pattern, but if you’re experienced enough, you can adjust it for smaller and larger variations, too.

16. Mandala Crochet Baby Afghan

This Augusta Baby Afghan pattern uses Lion Brand Mandala Baby Yarn, which is one tier finer (lighter) than the regular Mandala Yarn, making it soft to the touch. It is quite easy and allows even beginners to create radiant and colorful stripes. You will need two skeins of yarn for a 32” x 40” afghan.

17. Mandala Crochet Baby Blanket

Much like the afghan above, the Magic Forest Baby Blankie uses Mandala Baby Yarn, too. It is made in four separate squares that are then sewn together, making it an easy project, even for beginners. Two balls of yarn produce a 31” x 31” blanket.

18. Mandala Crochet Vest

This intermediate-level Sunset Mandala Circular Vest will be absolutely eye-catching wherever you go. It features a fun, sun-like pattern in the back and a fold-over collar. The pattern includes instructions for three different sizes, so you can also make a matching set for the entire friend group.

19. Mandala Crochet Poncho

This beautiful Wasilla Mandala Poncho is relatively easy to make, although beginners might find it challenging (but not undoable) due to the variety of special stitches used, including the puff stitch, alternating DC - DC cluster, and two DC cluster. Still, if you’re feeling up for a challenge, this gorgeous garment will make all the effort worth it.

20. Mandala Crochet Poncho for Kids

A great thing about the Wasilla Mandala Poncho above is that it also comes in a kids' version. The Wasilla Poncho for Girls calls for two cakes of yarn and a size J hook. This pattern uses the same special stitches as the adult version, so expect a similar level of difficulty. Still, having a matching mother-daughter set will be worth the effort.


We hope we sparked your interest in trying out the Lion Brand Mandala Yarn and some of the patterns listed above. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced crocheter, this self-striping yarn can bring a whole new pop of color to your projects, and we’re sure you’ll love it. If you decide to give it a shot, we invite you to share your projects (and progress pics) on social media with the hashtag #lionbrandmandala. We’re looking forward to seeing your crochet pieces!