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Designer Profile- Elpha Klancher

Designer Profile- Elpha Klancher

Gwen Bautista |

Designer Profile- Elpha Klancher

Meet Elpha Klancher, the designer behind our Big Hearted Blanket which won the Grand Prize in the 2017 Mary Maxim Knit and Crochet Contest.

Elpha has been knitting since the 1970’s. She first learned her craft like many crafters from her Mother. She says she was a bit “thick-headed” about it, struggled at first and caught on slowly. In the 3rd grade she had a teacher who explained it in a way that Elpha caught on and has been clicking her needles ever since. Right now she is working on teaching her 12 year old granddaughter how to knit and passing the skill onto the next generation. 

Mary Maxim's 2017 Knit and Crochet Contest

Elpha’s Big Hearted Blanket is a wow piece and a favorite in our “online community.” This year was her first time entering our contest and says “I was thrilled to win, it’s my passion and I am not happy unless I am working on something.” Elpha was inspired by the colors of our Natural Alpaca Tweed line when knitting the Big Hearted blanket. She loves how soft the yarn is, it has impressive colors, and great for blankets. She has a few other projects she is currently working on using Mary Maxim’s Natural Alpaca Tweed; we must say it makes for remarkable results. The Big Hearted Blanket is a double knitted piece, so the blanket shows a reverse image on the other side. She became interested in double knitting out of curiosity. She thought the finished pieces were amazing and wanted to know “how in the world did they do that.” Elpha recommends if you're curious about double knitting to start with something simple but overall, it’s an easy technique, and the results are stunning. Thank you Elpha for talking to us about your knitted works and the Big Hearted Blanket. The Big Hearted Blanket kit is sold exclusively by Mary Maxim.

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