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Must Have Gifts for Crafters

Must Have Gifts for Crafters

Gwen Bautista |

Most crafters don’t make projects for themselves.  Their time and their skill is given freely for the benefit of others.  With that in mind, we are posting a selection of the best gifts for the needle artist in mind.  These are tools and accessories that crafters may not have purchased for themselves but they have definitely drooled over.   Ceramic Yarn Bowl- Yarn Bowls are great for cakes, machine wound balls, and hand-wound balls.  It’s a great way to keep your work nice and organized and makes working your yarn easier.  When shopping for your yarn bowl, heavier bowls are preferred to keep the yarn unraveling nice.  You also want to make sure that there is no way for the yarn to snag as it runs along the bowl.  This is why polished wood and ceramic bowl are perfered. Pom Pom Maker- This is a Knit and Crochet essential.  It’s the go-to accessory for many knit and crochet items.  Pom Poms often complete a piece and using a pom pom maker ensures a nicer ball.  We have 2 different types of pom pom makers in multiple sizes. They make wonderful gifts for the crafter. Super bright LED touch Lamp- This lamp is a life saver for some crafters especially if your favorite crafter works on intricate pieces.  This portable lamp operates on batteries so it can go where ever your crafter goes.  You can even plug it into your computer and light it with a USB cord (included). Ergonomical Hooks- This 12 piece hook set is designed to decrease hand and wrist pain.  This set includes hooks sized from B-N and is a favorite hook among crocheters.  The handles are made of a rubbery material for a better grip, and are cushioned enough to relieve tight crocheting. Addi Hooks- Addi Swing Crochet Hooks are designed to mold to the crocheters hand.  This is one of the most comfortable hooks on the market and is worth the investment especially if you favor a specific size. Neko’s Curved Double Pointed Knitting Needles- These needles come in sizes 0-11 mm.  They are great for stitching hats and cowls on fewer needles more quickly. Portable Yarn Organizer-  Use this Portable Yarn Organizer to bring your project with you on the go without tangling your WIP (work in progress).  This portable yarn organizer keeps skeins fray-and-tangle-free! The handy tote dispenser stores up to 6 skeins of yarn in their own separate compartments and has a specially designed lid with pull-through openings for easy, tangle-proof crocheting or knitting. This is a sturdy light-weight plastic tote with convenient carry handle. Some assembly required. Colors may vary Yarn Stash Bag-  One of the biggest frustrations for Knit and Crocheters is their works in progress (WIP) getting tangled. Sometimes it seems like they spend more time untangling than working up their project.  Our storage solutions are designed to keep yarn organized and preserve their work. We hope these gift ideas help you in your holiday gifting.  We recommend placing your orders by December 14th for domestic US shipping and December 11th for International Shipping.  Any rush orders should be placed by December 18th for Christmas shipping.  Although we cannot guarantee shipping ,we have made this recommendation based on our best conservative estimates.

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