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We Love Pom Pom’s

Pom Poms are a wonderful element to use in projects because they add bits of texture and color to any surface. This fall we are really loving this Pom Pom wreath. It’s a great way to add a splash of color to your door or porch. You can combine many types of colors and adornments to customize your look.  Best of all it's wonderful for any skill level.  You don't have to be an expert yarner to use this simple and user-friendly tool.  The Clover Pom Pom makers can be purchased at and is a great crafting tool to use when accessorizing your handmade goods.  Over all the Clover Pom Pom maker is a great investment in your crafting.To achieve this look we crafted a very dense pom pom in multiple sizes and colors. We suggest using 4-5 colors in at least 3 different sizes. We chose to use our Maximum Value Yarn because it was built for wear and tear and it has incredible yardage.For our wreath, the colors we chose are Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blush, Light Blush. We also carry other similar yarns such as Bernat Super Value which is an economical acrylic yarn that comes in a huge shade range.

After you have gathered your supplies, divide your yarn into your foundation colors and accent colors. We suggest you purchase twice as much (two skeins of the Maximum Value yarn) in each foundation color than your accent color (one skein of each accent color).Next, take a yardstick and measure out at least 11 yards for the Medium pom pom maker, at least 22 yards for the large pom pom maker and at least 44 yards for the Jumbo pom pom makers. If you are working on any other Mary Maxim pom pom kits or patterns they do all call for different yardages. As we are calling for a more dense pom poms we are asking for more yardage.

In your foundation color make

10 total (4 of one color 5 of another) Jumbo pom poms with at least 44 yards of yarn35 total (just over 15 of each color) Large Pom poms with at least 22 yards of yarn35 total (just over 15 of each color) Medium Pom poms with at least 11 yards of yarn

In your accent color make

16 total (8 of each color) Large Pom poms with at least 22 yards of yarn24 total (12 of each color) Medium Pom poms with at least 11 yards of yarnTo make sure you have even pom poms measure out half of your yardage and wrap one side of your pom pom maker at a time. This will decrease the number of tangles in your yarn and make your project work up much quicker.Then start by tying your foundation colors first on each section of your Wire wreath. Then add in your accent colors where you want to break up your foundation pom poms. After you decide how dense you want your color to look you can continue adding pom poms in random order.To secure your pom poms use the tails of your pom pom to make a square knot, then tie a knot with the two tails together,  so if the square knot loosens it won’t come off.  When you have completed tying all of your pom poms onto your wreath create a finished look by trimming the tails even with your pom poms.

Here are a few design guides

Colors work best in groups of 3 and 5 and are pleasing to the eye when you can make shapes. If you add a triangle randomly to your wireframe and fill in around it will look more aesthetically pleasing. See how you can pick out some triangles in this picture

Random is seldom actually random. The best way to get a totally random look is to step back and look for distinct lines, then if you find some, then add a few pom poms or take some away to break up the lines or fill in spots that lack color.

This wreath is meant to be bulky, if you think you should add more pom poms to your wreath then you probably should.

Make sure you save room on the top part of your wreath for your hook. When you are finished your wreath should still hang flat on your door.We love this pom pom wreath and with the Maximum Value line of colors, you are sure to make perfect seasonal accents to compliment your door. This is such a fun quick project that is great for any skill level. It’s also a great way to introduce kids into crafting. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram too.

Pom Pom Wreath