Lacy Edge Blanket

Lacy Edge Blanket

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Stunning baby blanket with rich textures and delicate lace border.

Using Mary Maxim Baby������ Best yarn to begin the center portion of the Lacy Edge Throw will envelop your little one in warmth and softness while guaranteeing durability during use and wash. Whether you choose to use Mary Maxim Baby������ Best pink to compliment the white as pictured or change both colors altogether, the effect is stunning and will highlight the stitches used to create the framing around your little one.

Just a touch of lace shown in Mary Maxim Baby������ Best makes the Lacy Edge blanket a special gift for any family welcoming a new addition. Even though the Lacy Edge Blanket has many different stitches, it is well-designed and the pattern is given with attention to detail for any crocheter willing to work the pattern. The crafter is carefully led round after round through the border of the Lacy Edge Blanket, building upon the center panel to create a delicate frame of lace.

Combinations of cluster stitches, fans, and both front and back post stitches allow definition and texture in Mary Maxim Baby������ Best yarn to be the highlight and focus of the Lacy Edge Blanket. Every baby deserves a blanket made from Mary Maxim Baby������ Best such as the Lacy Edge Blanket to treasure for years to come.

Measuring at 38������wide and 45������long the Lacy Edge Blanket gives more than enough coverage for your newborn and will be a favorite for memories to come. Whether the Lacy Edge Blanket is being completed by Grandma or Mom or a crafter selling for a craft fair, it will be a treasured gift to be used for baptisms, holidays, photos and many hours of cuddles. Your little one can never receive too much love while wrapped in Mary Maxim Baby������ Best yarn and hours of someone������ hard work and careful stitching on the Lacy Edge Blanket.

Kit includes Mary Maxim Baby's Best yarn. Shown in White/Pink.


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