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Knit and crochet kits for afghans, sweaters, dolls, scarves and other fashion accessories. Kits include easy to follow patterns and the supplies needed for every handmade project!

Getting stuck on a certain step? Not to worry! All Mary Maxim Kit Knitters or Crocheters receive FREE project assistance and support!

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Buy Knit and Crochet Supplies Online at Mary Maxim

Convenience and variety are essential parts of a satisfying shopping experience. That's why we at Mary Maxim are dedicated to making it fast, fun and easy to buy knitting supplies online. While sometimes a local store may not have exactly what you are looking for, we hope to give you the options and quantities that suit your fancy.

Consider us your family-owned and operated yarn shop who sends items straight to your door for added luxury. Striving to make communities better since 1935, we aim to support you in your next project and be the best provider of yarns, crochet essentials, knitting needles and more. When you buy crochet supplies and other crafting needs at Mary Maxim, you know you have access to unique, exclusive brands and the best prices, since your products are coming directly from the source.

Take a journey through our rich history and our online aisles of project designs and tools. For complimentary project assistance, feel free to contact us. In everything we do, we guarantee your satisfaction.

The History of Mary Maxim and Mail Order Yarn Supplies

The story of our family owned and operated third generation company is like no other. With unemployment raging across Manitoba in the 1930s, one man in Sifton had an idea. His name was Willard McPhedrain, and he was dedicated to improving the situation in his community. By promoting locally made products throughout the country using his railroad connections, demand increased, and the people of Sifton got to work. Spinning wheels, yarn, and Mary Maxim's knitting patterns soared in popularity.

Larry McPhedrain, the second-generation visionary, brought Mary Maxim products to the United States, expanding his selections to make Mary Maxim the largest craft mail-order company the continent had ever seen. The care and innovation of the company live on today under the leadership of Rusty McPhedrain, Willard's grandson, as designs and products continue to draw celebrity following and partnerships.

With the Internet age, our customer service and communications have only gotten stronger. Now that the catalog is available online, we can provide the right assistance to our customers in record time, fulfilling orders and creating positive social connections.

Mary Maxim as a brand means much more to us than merely a place to buy crochet hooks online. A kind and friendly hand is timeless, and that's the kind of quality service you deserve. From our many types of knitting kits to our unique online crochet patterns, our selections aim to make you smile. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any of your project needs.

Keep Cozy With Knit and Crochet Afghans and Blankets

Getting started on an afghan can take some preparation. It takes time, but with the right tools and the right steps, your warm blanket will be on its way to completion. Sometimes your inspiration starts with a pattern, and other times it'll come from a particular yarn you find. However you start the process, we have what you need to take the next step.

1. Knit and Crochet Afghan Patterns

Available through electronic download, our exclusive afghan patterns are some of our fan favorites. Since the beginning of Mary Maxim, we've always been the best place to buy knitting patterns, and this technological age is no exception.

Whether you knit or crochet, there are patterns for every experience level and yarn type. Our bestsellers include everything from animal themes and floral designs to rippling textures or the look of fine lace. Our patterns are simple to follow and produce beautiful results.

2. Knit and Crochet Afghan Kits

Afghans are one of the most time-consuming projects out there, especially if you are crocheting. You can minimize the amount of time it will take to complete by taking a look at our knit afghan or crochet afghan kits. Not only will you have a pattern, but also the yarn necessary to finish without having to do extra shopping and measuring.

3. Timing Tips for Making Afghans Like the Experts

Here are a few tips for the crafting beginner to keep up the good work of getting an afghan finished:

  • Check your pattern. Most patterns will explain around how long you can expect a project to take, but even these estimates can vary depending on your skill level.
  • Time yourself. To figure out your pace most accurately, try timing how long it currently takes you to make a row or block. Then, multiply your results by the number of rows or blocks your project requires.
  • Work a little bit every day. When you look at your total project time commitment, don't let it overwhelm you. Instead, you can determine your daily goals, say a row or two a day, until you tie up those final ends.

Large projects like an afghan can be quite the journey. But if you take it one stitch at a time, there is no limit to what kind of masterpiece you can create.

Layer With Knit and Crochet Sweaters for All Ages

From autumn to spring — or all year round, in some places — it's important to wear layers, so why not look stylish while doing so? With select yarns of the right color and softness, along with a fabulous design, you can create that extra layer of protection from the cold for the whole family.

1. Snazzy Sweater and Comfy Cardigan Designs

A warm, wooly knit sweater can be just what you need to feel snuggly all day long. For both men and women, there are knit sweater designs that will keep the chills at bay. A crocheted sweater will be more light and airy, perfect for sunny days, and it'll be bound to add flair to whatever outfit it accompanies. And don't forget the kids. From newborns to preteens, children's sweaters can keep your kids looking sharp.

2. Tips for the Sweater Knitting Beginner

Sweater knitting is all about the details. Some patterns are more complicated than others, but we can all agree that a sweater is a big jump in difficulty from making a potholder or scarf. In light of the challenge, here are a few tips to make the leap less intimidating:

  • Start with the basics. If a sweater is your very first knit or crochet project, you may find yourself hitting more stumbling blocks than you anticipated. Don't let the basics get in your way. Check out our blog for some tips for beginners, or look into some of our bestselling how-to books to help get you started.
  • Measure, measure, measure. Before you get started, you need to know the size of your finished project. The pattern should tell you what sorts of measurements to take. Just make sure to double-check and account for anything bulky you may choose to wear underneath your completed sweater.
  • Test-run with large swatches. Swatches are an essential part of sweater knitting because they allow you to see how your yarn, gauge and stitches hold up. Create 5-inch by 5-inch squares and run them through the wash. Based on the result, you can determine if the pattern or measurements need to be modified.
  • Be patient. If it's your first sweater, don't expect perfection on the first go. Take your time to avoid and correct mistakes and pay close attention to the pattern instructions. You may find yourself working on this project for a while, but being careful the first time around will definitely pay off in the long run.

At Mary Maxim, we believe in your crafting potential. Take your time, and soon your whole family will be wearing sweaters you made.

Top off Any Outfit With Fashionable Crochet and Knit Accessories

Sometimes, you can't just depend on your coat to keep you sheltered from the elements. That's where cozy fashion accessories come in. Take a look at some of our favorites.

1. Slipper Patterns to Keep Your Toes Toasty

When you're at home on a rainy day, there is nothing more comforting than slipping some expertly crafted booties over your feet to keep warm. Crochet and knit slipper patterns will help you stay relaxed wherever you decide to bring them. With a variety of colors, sizes and designs, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

2. Flaunt Your Style With Fashion Ponchos, Shawls and Wraps

For a sweater that communicates a carefree, relaxed attitude, give one of these fashion accessories a try. Whether you're looking for a poncho that goes over the head or a shawl design that simply wraps around, we're sure you'll find a pattern to give you that sense of luxury and ease.

3. Hats, Scarves and Gloves for Bracing Wind and Rain

Mix and match these trendy selections however you please. The combinations of hats, scarves and mitten patterns are endless and will leave you in crocheting and knitting bliss for days on end. These also make practical gifts for everyone you know.

4. Tips for Making Accessories That Keep the Heat

For the warmest fashion accessories, make sure to follow some of these tips. With items like these, you won't even notice the chill!

  • Use wool fibers. Wool will stay dry and regulate your body temperature much better than artificial fibers. Check out this Mary Maxim A Step Above sock yarn for a dry, homey feel.
  • Consider sock yarn. It's not just for socks. Sock yarn is fine and versatile enough for slippers, gloves and beanies alike.
  • Tighten your gauge. Unless you are already using a pattern requiring sock yarn, you may consider stitching a bit tighter to block the wind more effectively.
  • Add a lining to hats and gloves. Insulation is everything. Whether you sew or crochet it in, having an inside layer of felt or another fabric can help you stay nice and cozy.

Ensure that you stay comfortable all season long. And don't forget to leave reviews on the accessories that keep you the warmest!

Craft Adorable Doll Clothing to Further Your Collection

All doll-lovers are in luck here at Mary Maxim. It can be tricky to find the right patterns for doll apparel that will fit them well. Fortunately, we can help with that! With our dolls and doll kits, not only can you discover adorable babies and figurines, but seasonally themed patterns and stylish wardrobe favorites can make for unique decor and miniature fashion shows.

With our selections, you can create ensembles emulating springtime gardens or show off your winter village during the holiday season. Keep your little friends well-dressed with our kits containing garments from blouses and coats to hats and booties. We even have doll-specific costumes for American Girl, Cabbage Patch Kids and more.

Let the fun begin, for both kids and collectors, with these stunning and colorful designs.

Create Your Masterpieces With the Right Needles and Hooks

Mary Maxim doesn't only provide you with yarn and direction, but with the best tools for the job as well. Look no further than our vast array of hook and needle options if you're hoping to buy knitting needles online. Rather than shuffling down aisles at the store or being unsure of what crochet hook to use for your pattern, we have it all laid out for you to make the process quick and straightforward.

1. Helpful Hints for Choosing the Right Knitting Needles

When it comes to figuring out which set of knitting needles you should use for your upcoming project, keep the following three criteria in mind — material, type and size.

  • Materials:Knitting needles come in metal, plastic, wood or bamboo variants. Metal is perhaps the most common, while wood and bamboo offer a slip-resistance that make them perfect for beginners. Plastic needles are the most inexpensive, making them reasonably popular as well.
  • Special types: Curved double-point needles are some of our bestsellers for small stitches, but circular needles are the ideal needles for working projects in the round. Other options include straight needles, available with either double or single points.
  • Sizes: American knitting needle sizes go in numerical order. Some other systems use a millimeter measurement on the label.

Each variation of knitting needles has its benefits, and they are all yours to discover. Pay close attention to your pattern and yarn label for size recommendations.

2. Selecting the Perfect Crochet Hook for Your Next Project

Determining the ideal crochet hook will depend on your project. Just as with knitting needles, your pattern and yarn labels should help light your way. To distinguish between different crochet hooks, you need to look at the same three elements as with knitting needles — material, type and size.

  • Materials: The four most common materials you will find for crochet hooks include steel, aluminum, plastic and bamboo. Steel, like with this 5-inch hook, is perfect for delicate, fine designs. Aluminum will offer smooth motions while plastic and bamboo are fairly lightweight.
  • Special types: Most crochet hooks are relatively straightforward, but there are a few types that stand out. For example, this Tunisian afghan hook accommodates multiple stitches, and ergonomic hooks like the ones in this 12-piece set allow you to work for hours with a minimized risk of wrist or hand pain.
  • Sizes: In the U.S., crochet hooks use a lettering size system where the size increases as you go down the alphabet. For example, a B size hook is 2.25 millimeter while a Q size is 16 millimeter.

While the size and sometimes the material will affect the gauge and size of your finished project, the hook you use will depend on your preference. Don't hesitate to try something new if your current hook stops cutting it. There are so many more options to explore.

For All of Your Crafting Needs, Shop Online at Mary Maxim

We love offering exclusive products and the best deals to our customers. Working with yarn brings joy to so many people across North America, so we dedicate ourselves to being the top location to buy knit supplies and crocheting supplies online.

For more information, get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you and answer your questions. From our family here at Mary Maxim, thank you for stopping by our online shop. And happy crafting!