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It is week 3 of the Easter Comfort Cushion KAL and this week, we will be finishing the front panel. After that, all the hard work will be over.

Week 1: Back Panel

Week 2: Front Panel Part 1

Week 3: Front Panel Part 2

Week 4: Finishing Touches

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Starting a new project is always so exciting. Somewhere in the middle it loses its novelty. That is why I like small projects that I can finish quickly. You get almost instant gratification. But, there is also something to be said for projects that you can leave on the backburner for a little while. Patterns with just enough challenge to keep it interesting, but not so much that it requires complete focus are my preference. I hope I hit the mark with this pattern and that you are still excited to wrap this up. After this week, you with have the entire front panel completed with the egg motif. It actually made me hungry for some deviled eggs.


US #13, 9mm knitting needles 

16 inch straight or circular

16 x 16” pillow insert

Tapestry needle


Measuring Tape


Abbreviations (US Standard):

K – knit

P – purl

R – row

RS – right side

WS – wrong side


9 sts x 12.5 rows

4 x 4” in stockinette

Finished Size:

16 x 16 inches


Stockinette stitch is worked by alternating rows of knit and purl stitches. When using the intarsia technique, you will want to pull the new strand over the old one

Week 3 - April Knit Along - Knit Easter Pillow by The Crafty MD​

Note: From here, you can follow the written instructions, or use the chart below.

R27-33: repeat rows 13 and 12

R34: P8 in A, P21 in B, P8 in A

R35: K8 in A, K21 in B, K8 in A

R36-38: repeat row 10 and 9

R39: K12 in A, K13 in B, K12 in A

R40: P12 in A, P13 in B, P12 in A

R41: K11 in A, K15 in B, K11 in A

R42: P11 in A, P15 in B, P11 in A

R43: K12 in A, K13 in B, K12 in A

R44: P13 in A, P11 in B, P13 in A

R45: K14 in A, K9 in B, K14 in A

R46: P15 in A, P7 in B, P15 in A

R47: K16 in A, K5 in B, K16 in A

R48: P17 in A, P3 in B, P17 in A

R49: K across in A. Cut the other unworked strands.

R50: P across

R51: K across

Cast off

Stay Tuned

Make sure to check back on Saturdays for the Month of April for more KAL! The next CAL will begin the first Saturday of May. Make sure to follow the Crafty MD on Instagram and Check out the Crafty MD blog for excellent health advice as well as wonderful knit and crochet tips!  

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Happy Crafting!