Veterans Day Crafts - Free Crochet Poppy Pattern

Since the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918, the world has paused to remember those who served in our armed forces to keep us safe.  Since then, the celebration of this day has evolved into a day where we pause and offer our thanks to those who have served in our military.  We would like to say Thank You to our Veterans by offering our free poppy pattern at the bottom of this post. And offering our thanks with 25% OFF any one item with coupon code THANKYOUVETS at checkout. Thank You.jpg Take a look at these Veterans Day Crafts that make perfect gifts to remember a loved one's service.

Veterans Day Projects

Follow this simple Corner to Corner afghan for a stunning display.          


Bald Eagle and Flag

Dazzle with the Bald Eagle and Flag Diamond Dotz project. Diamond Dotz projects come with a prepared canvas, stylus, and separated dotz.


Home For The Weekend Throw

Crochet this rippled afghan in the red white and blue for your home.  It's a great way to show your pride.              

Solve this puzzle of a soldier returning home to his waiting family.  This puzzle contains 1,000 pieces and measures 20 x 27 inches.


American Spirit Ornament

The American Spirit ornament is a wonderful way to remember loved ones in service during the holidays.

Remembrance Poppies

Whether you celebrate Veterans Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day, we are all celebrating those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and those who did.  The symbol of the poppy is taken from the famous poem In Flanders Fields. This poem was written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae on his reflection of his service in World War I.  In fact the poem was composed at the front lines in Ypres, Belgium a place that saw some of the worst battles of the World War I.  The poppy is a symbol of not only the soldiers who fought in the wars but also a reminder of how devastating the impact of war was.

How to Crochet a Poppy

In celebration of Veterans Day, we thought it would be a great time to offer this free crochet poppy flower pattern.  We worked up the poppy using our Starlette yarn in the colors Black and Cardinal.  This is a size 4 worsted weight, and we worked our project in a size 4 hook or size G.  Pin it to your coat or add it to a special gift. Please note that we wrote the long-form instructions at the beginning of this section, and the pattern is written with the standard abbreviations at the bottom.  This pattern uses a special stitch called a Front Post Double Crochet.  Check out the video tutorial here. Beginning Chain:  Using Mary Maxim Starlette in the color Black, chain 3, and join using a slip stitch into the first chain. Round 1:  Chain 2, (this chain 2 counts as your first half double crochet (hdc) and anytime you see a "Chain 2" at the beginning of a round it will also count as a half double crochet), work 9 half double crochets into the center of the round and join with a slip stitch in top of beginning ch-2. When finished you will have 10 stitches in your round. Round 2:  (Chain 2, half double crochet) into the same stitch, then continue working 2 half double crochets in each stitch from Round 1 to the end, next join with the first half double crochet (the chain) using a slip stitch, when finished you will have 20 stitches in your round. Round 3:  Chain 1 (does not count as a stitch) and work 1 single crochet (sc) into the same stitch as the chain and each of the next 4 stitches, then work 2 single crochet stitches into the next stitch;  repeat (4sc, 2sc in next st) 3 times then join with a slip stitch.  When finished you will have 24 stitches in your round.  Fasten off your black yarn. Round 4:  Change color to Mary Maxim Starlette Cardinal by working a single crochet in any stitch from Round 3, then work 1 single crochet into each of the next 4 stitches then work 1 front post half double crochet (FPhdc) down around next stitch in round 2;  repeat (5sc, 1FPhdc around rd 2) three times and join with your first stitch.  When finished, you will have 24 stitches in your round. Round 5: Chain 2, then work a half double crochet into the same stitch, 2 double crochets (dc) into the second stitch, 2 treble crochets (tr) into the third stitch, 2 double crochets into the fourth stitch, work 2 half double crochets into the fifth stitch.  Then chain 1, skip the next stitch;  repeat (2 hdc in st, 2 dc in st, 2 tr in st, 2 dc in st, 2 hdc in st, ch 1, skip st) three times.  When finished, you will have 40 stitches and 4 ch-1s in your round. Round 6:  Chain 1, sc in same st, then work 1 single crochet stitch into each of the next 9 stitches.  Next work 1 front post half double crochet around the chain and down around FPhdc of round 4.  This pinches the petals of your flower) repeat (10 sc, 1 FPhdc around FPhdc of rd 4) three times. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

Free Poppy Pattern

Using Black, ch 3, sl st in first ch to join. Rnd 1: Ch 2 (counts as first hdc throughout), 9 hdc in ring, sl st in first st to join.  (10 sts) Rnd 2: Ch 2, hdc in same st, 2 hdc in each rem st around, sl st in first hdc to join.  (20 sts) Rnd 3: Ch 1 (does not count as first sc), sc in same st and each of next 4 sts, 2 sc in next st, 3 times, sl st in first sc to join.  (24 sc) Fasten off Black. Rnd 4: Change color to Mary Maxim Starlette Cardinal, join with a sc in any sc of Rnd 3, sc in each of next 4 sc, FPhdc around next st in Rnd 2 directly below next st in Rnd 3, skip next sc of Rnd 3 3 times, sl st in first sc to join.  (24 sts) Rnd 5: (Ch 2, hdc) in same st, 2 dc in next st, 2 tr in next st, 2 dc in next sc, 2 hdc in next st, ch 1, skip next FPhdc, 3 times, sl st in first ch 2 to join. (40 sts, 4 ch 1) Rnd 6: Ch 1, sc in same st as join, sc in each of next 9 sts, FPhdc around next FPhdc of Rnd 4, 3 times, sl st in first sc to join. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.    

Free Corner to Corner Pattern1.jpg

Stay tuned next week as we release our tutorial for the Mod Arrows C2C throw.  The free pattern includes a detailed graph to follow along with color changes and full instructions on how to crochet the Mod Arrow C2C.  In next week’s post, we also include a step by step image tutorial and video instructions so everyone can follow along.  Make sure to look at the shopping list below to order supplies. Shopping List  

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Happy Crafting!

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