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Mod Arrow C2C - October Blog Exclusive

Mod Arrow C2C - October Blog Exclusive

Gwen Bautista |

We are so excited to present our October blog exclusive.  We have been racking our brains trying to decide which technique to feature and decided to show an old but revitalized favorite technique with a new twist.  Our November 2018 Blog Exclusive Series has been by far the most viewed and downloaded pattern of our Blog Exclusives. Just in the past year, it has been viewed over 3,000 times.  We recommend that you brush up on the C2C technique from the November 2018 Exclusive before you continue and in preparation for this new pattern release.

Mod Arrows Cover.jpg

Corner to Corner Crochet

One of the reasons crafters choose the C2C technique is the ability to create stunning crochet images by working from a graph. Take a look at these crochet kits from Mary Maxim that require the C2C technique. m97937v2  m97731.jpgm97941.jpg m97641.jpg m97612.jpg   Every one of these afghans is worked back and forth from corner to corner.  This technique creates gorgeous texture throughout, however, it does have it's limitations.  Rows are only worked in one direction which may have several color changes within each row; resulting with lots of ends.   Color changes are easily done with bobbins or working from several skeins of yarn.  After you've worked a graph like this, it becomes relatively easy, and the end result is spectacular. We thought it would be fun to experiment with those limitations specifically in the way a graph can be worked and how the texture is achieved.  

Mid Century Modern Crochet

Recently we celebrated our 65th anniversary, and as you know, we are the best place to go for both modern knit and crochet patterns as well as trusted vintage designs.   We began this particular design by looking at some of our favorite design elements from the Mid Century Modern movement and selected those that still had a contemporary feel.  We were inspired by the bold graphics of the period and instantly knew that the Mod Arrow lent beautifully to what we thought our adaptation of the C2C technique could offer.  Take a look at our October Blog Exclusive Pinterest board to see some of our inspiration for this design. Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 10.42.58 AM.png    

Corner to Corner Crochet Pattern

We were absolutely correct, the Corner to Corner technique lent to the Mod Arrow design beautifully.  By working in panels, we were able to slightly alter the technology and the texture of the C2C pattern to make the Mod Arrows.  Take a look at this sneak peek of our Afghan while it was still a WIP below. IMG_0859.jpg   True to the Mid Century Modern movement, we chose bold colors for our bold graphics.  We knew we wanted this design to stretch through the fall season, but we also wanted it to stand out as a showpiece in your living room without being too obtrusive.  It is a subtle conversation piece.  Getting the colors exactly right was a big challenge. The colors needed to be bold but soft, conversational, but quiet in the room and with a throwback feel true to the Mid Century Modern design but also current and feel like something you would want in your home today. In the end, we think this afghan makes a bold statement year-round. We started with Mary Maxim Starlette in Cottonwood.  If you haven't picked up a ball of this color, then you definitely need to add it to your next Mary Maxim order. This stunning color is a cool neutral that doesn't reflect the yellows that are often found in off white colors.  Cottonwood is excellent with virtually any color.  Look at our afghan above; it's paired with deep oranges, blues, blacks & whites, and greys with the ability to stand wonderfully as a color on its own. cottonwood.jpg We then went with one of our favorite color palettes Rust and Aqua, take a look at these color examples on our October Exclusive Pinterest Board.  Notice that we toned down the Aqua by choosing the colors Russet and Azure in the Starlette Yarn.  We then added some other neutrals in Medium Grey and Starlette Ragg in Black.  Take a look at them together below. color choice 1.jpg Here are some of these other color inspirations that were contenders when we designed this afghan. We can't wait to see what color combinations you come up with for your Mod Arrow Afghan, make sure to tag us on in your social media with the tag #sharewithmary so we can follow along.  Refer to the shopping list at the end of this post and join us next week when we launch the Tutorial. Christmas Christmas.jpg Baby baby girl .  Baby Boy  

Free Corner to Corner Pattern1.jpg

Stay tuned next week as we release our tutorial for the Mod Arrows C2C throw.  The free pattern includes a detailed graph to follow along with color changes and full instructions on how to crochet the Mod Arrow C2C.  In next week's post, we also include a step by step image tutorial and video instructions so everyone can follow along.  Make sure to look at the shopping list below to order supplies. Shopping List  

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Happy Crafting!



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