Free Quick and Easy Valentine's Patterns

Are you looking for a quick Valentine's Day project for your sweetie? Check out these FREE, quick, and easy Valentine's patterns to crochet or knit. Valentine's Day can feel like an impersonal holiday, so use a handmade gift to let your favorite people know you appreciate them.

5 Free Heart Patterns for Valentines Day

Follow this free crochet pattern to create a Sweet Heart Sachet using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. Get your G hook out and work up a quick sachet for the one you love. Fill it with fiberfill, potpourri, or scented beads to remind them of you.


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A handmade shawl is like a portable hug. The Have a Heart Shawl is worked in Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. This shawl requires the J hook and uses the cluster stitch to create this beautiful pattern.


Add a splash of kindness in your kitchen. Download and crochet this dishcloth using your H hook and Lily's Sugar'n Cream Cotton. The colors in this dishcloth include a contrast of Rose Pink, a contrast of Robin’s Egg, a contrast of Country Red, a contrast of Soft Ecru. This is a lovely quick project that also makes for a sweet last minute gift.  


Quick and knit are words not often seen in the same sentence, but this beautiful Ombre cardigan will be perfect for your littlest Valentine. To get this look, use Premier's DIY Yarn available at  


Download this free pattern and crochet this beautiful and delicate sachet. This project is worked up using Lily's Sugar'n Cream Scents.  


Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned to our blog as we bring you free organizing printables for your yarn stash and crochet projects. Join us for designer interviews where we talk to Elpha Klancher who won our Grand Prize with her Big Hearted Afghan for the 2017 Knit and Crochet Contest. We'll break down our favorite heart projects and of course more free patterns.

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