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Free Pattern - Blooming Lotus Barefoot Sandal

Kendra Sagash |

Bathing suit and barefoot weather is here! These barefoot sandals are the perfect way to add feminine detail to your summer look. Just place the middle loop on your second toe and lace them up your calf. They are made with Cebelia size 10 Cotton, they look delicate but will withstand sand, water, and wear. They are so comfortable you can wear them with your flip flops too! Make yours to match your swimsuit or your favorite summer dress. Do you know a barefoot bride? This would be a wonderful addition to her dress and her day. The Blooming Lotus Barefoot Sandals are a blog exclusive free pattern, and are worked all in one piece. Make them before your next day at the beach! IMG_1985 BLOOMING LOTUS BAREFOOT SANDAL Difficulty: Intermediate Materials required: One 50 g ball of any color of Cebelia size 10 cotton (Color shown is 210, Lavender) Size 7  (1.5 mm) steel crochet hook CL: yo, insert hook in stitch and pull up a loop, pull through 2 loops, (insert hook in same stitch and pull up a loop, pull though 2 loops) twice more, pull through all 4 loops- Cluster made. Small shell (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) Large shell (4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc) Picot: Ch 3, sl st in first ch of Ch 3. Gauge: Rounds 1-6= 2.75" diameter using suggested hook size or any size hook needed to obtain this gauge. Round 1: Ch 3, 8 sc in 1st ch, sl st in top of beg ch 3 to join. Round 2: Ch 2, (CL in next sc, ch 1) around, join with sl st in top of beg ch 2 to join. Round 3: Sl st to ch 1 sp , ch 1, sc in same sp, (ch 3, sc in next ch 1-sp) around. (8 ch-3 spaces ) sl st to 1 sc. Round 4: Sl st into ch 3-sp, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc (beg sm shell), sc in next sc, * shell in next ch 3-sp, sc in next sc around, sl st into top of 1st ch of ch 3-sp Round 5: Sl st in next 2 dc and into ch 2 sp, ch 1 sc in same sp, (ch 5, sc in next ch 2-sp) around. Sl st in 1 st sc to join. Round 6: Sl st into ch 5-sp, ch 3,( 3 dc, ch 2, 4 dc)-large beg shell made, *sc in next sc, large shell around Round 7: sl st into ch 2-sp, ch 1, sc in same sp, ch 8, sc in next ch 2-sp, ch 16, sc in ch 2-sp twice, ch 16, sc in same sp, twice, ch 16, sc in next ch 2-sp, ch 8, sl st into 1st sc. Round 8: ch 1 sc in same sp, 8 sc in ch 8-sp, sc in sc, (6sc, ch 2, 8sc in ch 16 sp), twice, sc in sc, (8sc, ch 16(this is the toe loop), 8sc, in ch 16-sp), sc in sc, twice, 8 sc, ch 2, 6sc, sc in sc, 8sc in ch 8-sp, sl st to join. Round 9: ch 2, hdc in each st across to ch 2-sp, (2 hdc, ch 3, 2 hdc in ch 2-sp), hdc in each of next 35 sts, 20 sc in ch 16-sp (this is the toe loop), hdc in next 35 sts, (2 hdc, ch 3, 2 hdc) in ch 2-sp, hdc in each rem st across, sl st in top of ch 2 to join. Round 10: Picot in first st, sl st in next st, *Sl st in next st, Picot in same st,  sl st in next st** rep from * to ch-2 sp, sc in ch 2-sp, ch approx 4ft ( you can adjust this length as you desire for your tie), sc in same ch 2-sp; rep from * to ** until you reach first sc of toe loop, sl st  in each of 20 sts of toe loop,   rep from* to ** to next ch 2-sp corner, sc in ch 2-sp, ch tie same length as first tie, sc in same ch 2-sp, (sl st in next st, Picot in same st ,sl st in next st)  to end of round; st in base of beg Picot to join. Fasten  off, weave in ends and block. Repeat for 2nd sandal. IMG_1983


Is there a way to have the patterns downloadable? That would be very helpful.

Carlyta Smith,

Hi Carlyta, we do have many of our patterns available as downloadable patterns on our site

Heather Mango,

I really wish more crochet patterns were accompanied with diagrams, especially when describing instructions for items that are not your usual flat pieces. (I am 79 and have been crocheting since 5 years of age. Unfortunately, most of that time I have been crocheting without instructions, but do very well when I have a diagram that tells me how to approach a “questionable” direction.)

Pat Curran,

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