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Must-Haves For Your Notions Bag

Must-Haves For Your Notions Bag

Gwen Bautista |

Notions Bag:

Stitch markers- check Small sharp scissors- check Row counter- check Chocolate- check

Crafting First Aid

Ah, the notions bag also known as the first aid kit for crafters! We all have that "one" thing of ours that we just can't do without. Some crafters need a plethora of tools, others need just their hooks or knitting needles and yarn. Whatever you prefer, chances are you keep at least one specific notion close by when you are stitching the night away. We'd like to share some of our personal favorites! Notions Bag I asked some of our wildly talented Mary Maxim team members what they have to have in order to stitch away with peace of mind.   Here is what they said in respective order: stitch markers, sharp scissors (amen!), tape measure/gauge checker, crochet hook or Susan Bates Handi Tool, cable needle, post-it notes, nail clippers, lotion or cuticle oil, chapstick and last but certainly not least (and perhaps the most important of all), chocolate! Of all the different responses, one thing is for sure: each person has their favorite!

Notions Bag Must Haves!

 Stitch markers: Whether you prefer locking stitch markers, split ring markers or good ol' scrap yarn, you gotta admit: marking stitches comes in very handy!

●  Sharp scissors: Need I say more?! If you've ever tried cutting yarn or thread with dull scissors, then you know the importance of sharp scissors.  Yarn can quickly dull scissors especially if you are making pom poms.  It's a good idea to invest in a good pair of scissors and routinely have them sharpened.

●  Measuring tool: Since we already know that you always make a gauge swatch, measuring your gauge is a must.  Take a look at these two posts on checking your gauge. How to Gauge for Team Spirit CAL and Crafting Tips - Check your Gauge!

●  Crochet hook or Handi Tool: These tools are invaluable when it comes to fixing dropped stitches.

 Row counter: Easily keeps track of the number of rows worked.

●  Cable needle: Very handy for those intricate cables.

●  Yarn needle: Large eyes on yarn needles make threading yarn easy to weave in your ends, which is your favorite part, right?

●  Post-it notes: You might be scratching your head on this one, but trust us: when you're reading a busy chart or pattern, these will mark where your work is and give your eye a focal point rather than doing the wrong row which looks an awful lot like the row you should’ve been working (they also peel off easily without ripping paper).

●  Nail clippers/nippers: Be gone, pesky hangnail! Great for a snag-free knit/crochet session.

●  Cuticle oil/lotion: Preventative maintenance! Must-have if you live in cold, dry regions, like Michigan.  We covered the reasons to keep lotion and clippers with you on our post on fixing a snag in a sweater.

 Chapstick: Once you're in the "stitching zone," there's no getting up - again, preventative maintenance. Dry lips are the worst.

 Chocolate: Milk, dark, white, whatever satisfies your sweet tooth.

We love Susan Bates Yarn Essentials Kit!  It's a great set of tools for under $10

Yarn and supplies Honorable mentions include bobbins, stitch holders, yarn guide, hair clip/tie, pencil, eraser and knit graph paper. And chocolate (because it probably should be mentioned twice anyway).

Quilted Totes

needles and hooksDon't forget to browse our beautiful quilted cotton Totes.  They are great for needles, hooks, notions, and your other "must haves" when you are on the run!  Large Quilted Tote Quilted Duffle Bag Circular Needle Case Combination Needle Case Crochet Rollup Case

Stay Tuned!

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Happy Crafting!

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