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Designer Profile - Emily Armstrong

Designer Profile - Emily Armstrong

Gwen Bautista |

Designer Profile - Emily Armstrong

This month's Designer Profile is Emily Armstrong who recently celebrated her 100th prayer shawl.  Her brilliant personality was apparent during our conversation about her work, and you can’t help but notice after chatting with Emily.  Her bright and cheery demeanor is contagious, it's no wonder that she is celebrating her acts of kindness.  The history behind Emily's prayer shawls is an incredibly touching story, yet it is a story that resonates with too many of us who’ve had our lives touched by cancer.  Emily’s prayer shawl story began in 2010 at the Augusta University Medical Center in Augusta Georgia.  Emily, who is a nurse, was a great resource for her family members through their cancer journey and her knitted shawls were the perfect reminder to her family that she was praying for their speedy recovery.  Emily often says “shawls are like portable hugs” and we couldn’t agree more.

Emily's Prayer Shawls

As Emily’s family healed, her passion for helping continued with her prayer shawls.  Emily’s knitting group became involved and is knitting shawls as well.  Now any patient of the Akin Georgia Cancer Center is offered a prayer shawl during their treatment.  These shawls are anonymously given and anonymously received with the following little prayer.  



knitted with love, blessed with prayer

Wishing you health, healing, and happiness.

May this shawl bring comfort to you.

      Emily is also a cancer survivor, she was diagnosed in 2013, and won her battle with cancer.  After 5 years she retired from nursing, but never from caring for others.  Emily knits at an incredible 100 stitches per minute and can finish a prayer shawl in 5 hours.  Emily loves knitting shawls in yellow, She says “they are like opening a box of sunshine.” Emily’s designs are not limited to prayer shawls.  Emily has placed in our annual design contest multiple times, and we are thrilled to be able to feature her work in several of our kits.  You can recognize the influence of Irish knitting traditions in her work, and we are excited to see what her future creates.  

Designer Profile- Emily's work at Mary Maxim

Dreams of Ireland                                            Bountiful Harvest


Fisherman's Shawl                                            Aran Sampler Throw


Lucky Horseshoes Throw                                         Diamond Medalion Throw


Stay Tuned!

Thank you, Emily, for inspiring us to create!  Make sure to subscribe to our blog for more free patterns and great printables.  Coming soon to the Mary Maxim Blog are Five Free Pattern Friday’s, Mending a hole in a sweater, and Spring Make Along (MAL).  What would you like to see featured on our blog?  Leave your ideas in our comment section?  

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Happy Crafting!


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