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Who is Mary? Our Kit Department!

Who is Mary? Our Kit Department!

Heather Mango |

1980's Packingline2 Since we opened in 1956, Mary Maxim has been known for our exclusive yarn, plastic canvas and craft kits. It takes a special team of people to put these kits together and ensure that every one of them is accurate. Many people don't realize this, but every single kit and order that leaves Mary Maxim is packed by an individual and not a machine, and that is something we are very proud of. Our kit department is responsible for packaging all of our kits, this includes yarn, plastic canvas, latch hook, general crafts, as well as all of our monthly clubs. These ladies are busy! Every kit, no matter what it may be, comes with full-color directions and a pattern. All of these patterns are printed right here in our building in our print shop. The patterns then get organized by pattern number, to make it as easy as possible when kits are pulled for orders. IMG_2219 Kits are assembled several at a time, and all of the kits for the Canadian and U.S. division are assembled in our Port Huron warehouse. After our pattern is pulled, multiple boxes of yarn and other components are then brought to our assembling area as shown below. Our kit department employees then work as a team to assemble as many kits as needed for the US and Canadian offices. We rely on the kit department team members to ensure each kit is accurately packed for your satisfaction and feel the real advantage of this is that we have kits pre-ready when you place your order. IMG_2221 The kit department is essential for the success of Mary Maxim with the number of exclusive kits that we offer. We believe there is nothing better than the gift of creating something by hand and take great pride in packaging every kit to ensure every customer is satisfied and has what they need to complete their project. Hope you enjoyed learning about our kit department, please subscribe and share!

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I have kits from 3 other companies but I will always choose Mary Maxim kits first your plastic canvas kits are easy to use the patterns
are better than any of your competitors not to mention the quality of the yarn and plastic canvas

Susan Burwood ,

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