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Breast Cancer Support

Heather Mango |

hudson Did you know that Breast Cancer is the 2nd most common form of cancer in women? A staggering 1 in 8 women will end up with Breast Cancer at some point in their lives. October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as pink items pop up in every store with the purpose of not only raising money to help fight this disease, but also to get conversations going about the importance of early screening to ensure early detection. Handmade items are excellent items to auction off or donate to fundraisers for the cause, as Gay Hudson did with an afghan she crocheted, raising over $5000 in raffle money for her donation. 605585ea1223d17107019cb80b73b497 A handmade item is also a wonderful gift to show support to anyone fighting this tough battle. Chemo Caps are quick projects that are very useful for anyone going through chemo, made out of Sugar n' Creme cotton to ensure they are comfortable and breathable when wigs can be potentially hot and scratchy, especially in warmer months. A quick Google search will lead you to hundreds of different patterns, in both knit and crochet.socksWe offer a pattern for Breast Cancer Awareness socks, designed with the signature pink ribbon, as another smaller project you can work on for either a charity event or as a show of support. The Pink Ribbon of Hope afghan is knit with our super soft Baby Value  yarn and makes another wonderful gift idea or a project that is sure to catch attention for a fundraiser. m3933bThe time and effort of a handmade gift is an amazing way to show someone you care and show your support.

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