Mary Maxim's Mystery Crochet-Along 2017

Get ready for Mary Maxim's first Mystery Crochet-Along! Over the next 15 weeks, we will be crocheting a total of 42 squares to complete a sampler afghan. Each square will be numbered for easy assembly when we are finished and the patterns will be released weekly on Friday's.  You can duplicate the color scheme we are using or use any colors of your choice. This is a great opportunity to use up some of your stash! Using worsted weight yarn, each square will measure 7 inches by 7 inches. Due to the fact that this blanket is made from so many different stitch patterns, it is highly suggested that you make sure to check your gauge on each square as you go along and adjust your hook size as needed. It is so important that each square end up finishing at the same size for assembly.We recommend our Mary Maxim Starlette yarn for this crochet-along. The whole blanket requires 1620 yards to complete. The first square will be posted here on the blog on Friday, so get ready! We look forward to going on this crochet journey with you and can't wait to see the colors you choose! Be sure to subscribe to the blog to get the posts sent right to your inbox.


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