Woodlands Crochet Along-Basketweave Pet Cowl

Free Basketweave Pet Cowl

Lets crochet together #woodlandsCAL!  We’d love to see your progress on this Basketweave Dog Cowl by Mary Maxim.  Check out this video on the basketweave stitch.  It's a fun stitch to learn and has so much versatility. Also stay tuned for our next pet pattern, The Shell Stitch Pet Cowl, that will be released on Wednesday, December 20th! https://youtu.be/hI2tBjRHP-M In the meantime let's see your stitches.  Show your work on Facebook or on Instagram with #woodlandsCAL and you could win some Mary Maxim Woodlands Yarn for your next cowl.  We will draw a winner on Wednesday, December 27th. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, PinterestFacebook.


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    […] of our favorite basketweave stitches. We’ve used the basketweave stitch on our dog cowl with a nice tutorial on working (Front Post Double Crochet) FPDC and BPDC (Back Post Double Crochet) in this pattern […]

  • Gwen Bautista

    Hi Margaret, We are so glad you are working our basketweave pattern. Essentially what we are doing is contouring one side of the cowl. We are doing this by tapering the size of our stitches from (Front or Back Post Double Crochet) then in the middle of your row to a (Front or Back Post Half Double Crochet) then to create a ridge on the side closest to your dog’s collar working in single crochet of the back loop only. When finished there should be a curve to the Cowl, not an L shape. I think you are missing the single crochet of the back loop only.

  • Margaret

    Yes, I understand back of loop, maybe the problem starts at the foundation row. How many chains for medium dog. I did 20 medium chains times 6 equals 120 plus 3 equals
    123 chains for foundation row then I worked for 6 inches.in basket weave and then the shaping for the curve. Are you suppose to work on just the first 18 sets.or are you suppose to work 18 stitches and the continue in basket weave to end of row then turn.
    For row 2 work in basket weave to last 18 stitches then work shape the curve row 2. Maybe that would work???
    Thank for you help!

  • Gwen Bautista

    Yes, it’s the foundation chains. We add the multiples of 6 recommendation in there so you can modify our pattern for larger or smaller sizes, for instance, if you prefer to do a basketweave pattern in multiples of 4 or 8. When following our pattern to crochet a medium breed cowl you should have a total of 21 chains. This is 6 × 3 = 18; 18 + 3=21. Then work the basketweave stitch back and forth for 6 inches. This works the front of the cowl and should look like a small rectangle before beginning the shaping.

  • Helen

    I have tried several times to download some of the patterns and have not been able to, disappointing!

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