The Cat Craze!

Cats are now on the trend. An estimated 79.7 million households in the U.S. own cats, they are a well-loved animal because each of them have their own personalities and unique attributes. They are fantastic companions and love to cuddle. Cats are so well loved that they are making their mark in the craft world. Here at Mary Maxim, we carry everything from patterns, puzzles, coloring books and bags. One of the most popular cat patterns that we have had is our Cat Silhouette Afghan  with a matching rug. This was popular back in the 1990's and has made a complete resurgence thanks to social media and the cat trend. We also offer cat coloring books. One of our most popular is the 'Grumpy Cat Hates Coloring'. It is based on the internet sensation of Grumpy cat. Our newest coloring book featuring this comical feline is the 'Grumpy Cat Vs The World'. If you are looking for a larger project that you can carry with you and show off your love for cats and crafts we recommend the Cat Zendoodle tote. Color this to match your style and flare. Carry it with you as an alternative to a purse or use it to carry your crafts. Do you need a small gift for the cat lover in your life? We suggest the Cat Coin Purse you can pick blue eyes or black eyes. This is item has been extremely popular and  can be used as a stocking stuffer or as a gift. It can be used by any one of any age. If you are still looking for something else and the items above do not fit your needs and wants. A puzzle could be the way to go. We have several cat puzzles that will suit your likes and needs. Can't Reach the Pedals is a 1000 piece puzzle, it has a cottage in the summer style with adorable kittens climbing all over outdoor items. There is also a smaller 500 piece puzzle that would be a great gift to a teacher or educator in your life called Classroom Kittens. There are plenty of activities for all in this trending cat theme. What ones would you like to complete? Don't forget to share with all your cat loving friends and family!

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