Paint by Number kits

Paint by Number Kits

Give your home a fresh look with a vintage craft.

Quick trivia question: who has the most exhibited pieces of art in the world? Answer: Dan Robbins- the creator of the Paint By Number Kits. In 1951 Dan Robbins was an employee of Palmer Paint Company in Detroit, Michigan who had a brilliant idea. The story goes that Dan heard that Leonardo Da Vinci taught his apprentices by numbering patterns on pieces of canvas. He used these numbered canvases to instruct his students on techniques in layering color, and basic brush techniques. Another story often heard is that Dan took his inspiration from Michelangelo, who when painting the Sistine Chaple drew and numbered sections of the ceiling for his apprentices to complete. No matter what the motivation was, 1951 became the year that Paint by Number Kits changed the way we thought about arts and crafts and the creative artist. Today Paint by Number kits come in many styles.  Choose from simple or complex designs for every skill level. With Paint by Number, anyone can create a masterpiece. Below are our favorite kits for spring 2018  

Country Kittens

Playful country kittens. Kit includes: 12 acrylic paint pots, pre-printed 20" x 16" textured art board, paintbrush, chart, and complete instructions. No blending required, and the textured board captures intricate detail, so creating a masterpiece is a breeze. The certified non-toxic paints come in an expansive color range and clean up easily with soap and water. Simply paint by number and marvel at the results.

Self-Less Service

A firefighter getting ready to hop on the truck. This is a wonderful piece to commemorate a hero's service, or reflect on a memory.  

Spring Mill

An old mill tucked away among the trees. Paint this breathtaking scene and create a "WOW" piece.

Gold Finches

This painting of Gold Finches perched on blooming branches is a great piece for the birder in your life.  This painting is sized 20"x16" and when finished only needs to be matted and framed to display.  This kit includes textured board, acrylic paint and paintbrush      

Oriental Fan

The Oriental Fan Kit when finished is a beautiful touch of pink to welcome spring.  This floral still life piece is the perfect Paint by number kit.  The flowers in this painting are incredibly beautiful and yet the piece shows just the right touch of impressionism.  

Beyond the Gate

This beautiful paint by number kit is perfect for the artist who can't wait to get into the garden.  The finished piece before matting is 20"x16".  The kit includes textured board, acrylic paints, and a paintbrush.

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