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Technique Tuesday- How to Latch Hook

Technique Tuesday- How to Latch Hook

Heather Mango |

Latch hooks kits have been a staple in the Mary Maxim catalog almost as long as our graph style sweaters have. Latch hooking is an incredibly relaxing and rewarding hobby, and once you get the basics down, is simple to do. The variety of latch hook kits cater to many different decors and there are many seasonal options to choose from that make excellent gifts. Once you understand how to read a latch hook chart and how to complete a rug, you could even venture out with some graph paper and make your own! To make a latch hook rug you will need: -Mesh rug canvas -A latch hook tool -Precut rug yarn -(optional) Rug binding kit or Iron on Binding All of our kits include these as well as basic instructions and your graph to work from. Be sure to check your kit against the color key (shown below) to be sure you are familiar with all of the colors you will be working with, and the symbols used to represent the colors. All of the rug yarn in your kit should be labeled with the color number that can easily be matched up with the color key. latch hook color key Next, if you are using a Mary Maxim kit, you will need to find the red mark indicated on both the canvas and the graph. Turn both your graph and your canvas so these are in the lower LEFT corner to be sure your canvas is oriented correctly for the graph. bottom left hand corner example Now that you are all set up, you can begin working! Starting at the bottom, you will work row by row to complete your rug. We have a few videos showing you just how easy it is to get working. There are 2 different methods, so try both and see which feels best for you.

Latch Hook Method 1

Latch Hook Method 2

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