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For many years we have looked to celebrities and well-known artists to see what trends to follow or the newest style of clothes to wear. There is even television make-over shows that help your everyday gal or guy get a similar look of celebrities. They show them how to do it for a fraction of the cost of the high-end items celebrities or models wear. Everyone wears sweaters, tunics, ponchos, cowls, scarves and hats. Celebrities wear some pretty amazing works of design. It is always fascinating when we see a celebrity wear a style that is close to ours.

Katie Holmes is wearing a Missoni Zig Zag poncho. It has a nice flow, good color depth in a neutral tone, and has a wonderful fringe that gives it the vintage flair. The price tag on this poncho ranges from $239-$899, with the sizing, color, and varying style.


We have a new poncho that has the same style. The Double Delight Poncho uses our Mary Maxim Prism yarn. You pick two colors to alternate. This gives the poncho the color depth like the Missoni. This is a must have piece in any woman's wardrobe. It can be worn casual with jeans and boots. It can also be worn casual with a pair of black slacks. You can even pair this with an evening dress. The possibilities are endless with all the color choices and combinations we offer.

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You will all get the bragging rights that it is handmade and practically worth as much as Katie Holmes' Missoni version!! What other celebrity look alike fashions have you seen that you thought to yourself " I could make that!"? Comment below!

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