How to knit the Seersucker Stitch

The Seersucker Stitch is a combination of stitches that together create a beautiful diamond texture in the fabric of your work. It’s a simple stitch combination and all you really need is to know how to cast on, how to knit, and how to purl. If you can do that, and love texture then, this is the stitch for you.

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The Seersucker Stitch is worked over multiples of 4 but is best worked over at minimum 16 stitches but in this case, more stitches are better and across at least 16 rows to see the full effect. In the swatch shown below, we cast on 52 stitches with Mary Maxim Aran Irish Twist and knit 3 pattern repeats for a total of 24 rows. We wanted to make a large swatch so you could really see how the diamond pattern looked over many stitches. Take a look at our larger swatch in Aran Irish Twist below, we selected to show the larger swatch in the Irish Twist as it’s a yarn choice for the Texture & Lace Sweater which we feature toward the end of this post.

Seersucker Stitch Tutorial 

For this step by step tutorial, we opted to use Mary Maxim Woodlands yarn in the color Moss. It’s a gorgeous Alpaca Blend that is incredibly soft that makes us feel like spring is right around the corner. Take a look below where we cast 16 stitches onto our Prym needles. I like using these Prym Ergonomic Needles because of the easy to hold triangle shape and the rounded points that help prevent stitches from falling off of our needles. They took a little bit of time to adjust to, but now that I have worked several projects using these needles, I find myself picking these up over my Lykee driftwood needles or my trusted ceramic needles.

Cast on multiples of 4, we used the long tail cast on for 16 stitches.

Row 1: K1, p1 repeat to the end

Row 2: K1, p1 repeat to the end

Row 3: P1, k3 repeat to the end

Row 4: P3, k1 repeat to the end

Row 5: K1, p1 repeat to the end

Row 6: K1, p1 repeat to the end

Row 7: K2, p1, k1 repeat to the end

Row 8: P1, k1, p2 repeat to the end

How to Knit the Seersucker Stitch Video Tutorial

Seersucker Stitch Sweater

The Seersucker Stitch Combo is used to give the fabric of the Texture & Lace Sweater it’s character. After you get a chance to practice this stitch, maybe in a dishcloth or scarf, then try the Texture & Lace Sweater. This sweater was designed by one of Mary Maxim’s expert designers and is a wonderful addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. The construction of the sweater and the sizing make it very forgiving in the drape, and the stretchiness of the stitches is very flattering. It’s definitely on my “To Knit” list.


Stay Tuned

We have so many great things coming soon just like this stitch tutorial. We are working on the handy needle and hook guides to keep in your project bag or your Yarn Stash Organizer. We have some great collaborations in the works like Osage County Crochet’s next CAL make sure to check them out, it starts soon. We also have more informative yarn guides, full of wonderful crafting ideas and incredible yarn.

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