Footloose Socktober Fest Week 1

Footloose Sock- Week 1

This week we start our Footloose sock. This is definitely a beginner-friendly sock yarn and pattern if you are new to sock knitting. The fiber of the footloose yarn is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon which leaves a slightly heavier hand than the Step Above sock yarn that we used with the pedicure sock we did in October. We start our knit along by casting on 56 (60,64) stitches using the long tail cast on method onto a size 2 needle. Next using (k1, p1) knit in a row and at the same time divide your stitches onto 4 needles so there are 14, (15, 16) stitches on each of the 4 needles. This is where you will join your needles to begin a round using a 5th working needle. (Make sure to place a stitch marker on your last stitch mark the beginning of the round, this will be the center of the back of your sock.  

Helpful hints:

Know what stitch each needle begins and ends on. If your needle (14,16) has even stitches they will always begin on a knit and end with a purl. If your needles have odd numbers the first needle will begin and end with a knit, the second needle will begin and end with a purl, the third needle will also begin and end with a knit, and the fourth needle will begin and end with a purl.

Keep the stitches on the end of the needle tight to the next needle. This will keep all of your stitches even and appear to be symmetrical.

If you are confident in your stitch counting you can keep your stitches more even by knitting 2 stitches into your next needle. For instance, if you need to keep 14 stitches on each needle. In (k1, p1) 14 on to your working needle then, in (k1,p1) 2 more stitches from the next needle onto the working needle. You will then have 16 on your working needle and 12 on the next with 14 on the other two. If you keep this pattern when you finish working your needles in the round you will end up with 14 on each needle but you won’t have any wide stitches running down your sock. If you do decide to try this then using a stitch marker is very important.

Work in (k1, p1) in to create the ribbed cuff of your sock for 2 1/4 inches. Then work stocking stitch (all rounds knit) in for (short version) 3 1/2 inches and for (long version) 7 (7,9) inches. 

Next week we will continue with our sock and begin to shape the heel on our sock. Stay tuned for more helpful sock hints. We love seeing your work.  Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

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