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Socktober Fest 2017!! - Week 1, Part 1

Socktober Fest 2017!! - Week 1, Part 1

Gwen Bautista |

We are starting our socktoberfest celebration with Mary Maxim’s pedicure socks. We like these socks as a beginner pattern because of the simplicity of the pattern and easy heel. These also make wonderful stocking stuffers for anyone who likes to get pampered.

Stitching up the sample

In our sample, we are working up a size 9/10 and casted on 56 stitches using the long tail cast on method. We then divided our stitches into 3 needles containing 18 stitches on the first and third needle and 20 stitches on the second needle. In the pattern, directions call to join the round needle after dividing the stitches onto our three needles, but we find it easier to join our stitches on the second round which makes our stitches straiter and weave the tail into the first round later. We worked our cuffed ribbing with k1,p1. We think this might be the most difficult part of the pattern, especially for beginners. In our video for week1 part 1 of the knit-along, we used a worsted weight yarn to demonstrate our stitches because of how tiny our stitches are. So here are some helpful hints:

Helpful Hints

-Count your stitches on your needle before and after knitting on each needle. -For shoe sizes 5/6 & 9/10, each needle starts with a knit and ends with a purl. -For shoe sizes 7/8 1st needle- begins with a knit and ends with a knit, 2nd needle- begins with a purl and ends with a knit, 3rd needle- begins with a purl, ends with a purl. -It’s very easy to drop stitches with such tiny needles, keep your work in the center of the needles until you are ready to knit on that needle. -If you have never knitted in the round, it looks harder than it is. Don’t be afraid to rip out your work a few times (we certainly did). -Socks can be intimidating, but those who knit socks love it!

Week 1, Part 2

In week 1 part 2 we will be working the leg and getting ready to work our heel. We love seeing your work. Please post what you’ve done so far on our blog and/or facebook Knit-a-long group. Don't forget to follow us on our other social media platforms. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Youtube

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