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Show off what you can do on knitting loom with the new Retreat Cowl Loom Along. This stunning pattern designed by Kristen Mangus of GoodKnit Kisses combines a variety of stitch patterns into a versatile cowl. Join us as we work through the pattern over the next few weeks.

The all new Retreat Cowl begins with a simple 1x1 ribbing. Then it transitions into the Diamond Lace Stitch and the Seagrass Stitch. The center of the cowl is what makes this pattern stand out from the crowd. The Indian Cross Stitch is made up of elongated drop stitch cables separated by garter ridges. The offset repeats give the illusion of rolling waves between the crossed stitches for an eye-catching design.

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This intermediate level pattern is designed to work in two knitting loom gauges. The Skinny Retreat Cowl is loom knit on a ⅜” small gauge loom while the Chunky Retreat Cowl works on a ⅝” large gauge knitting loom. So whether you like the lightweight lacy version in small gauge or a bold, chunky cowl in large gauge this pattern has you covered.  

And since we all love patterns that accommodate multiple sizes this pattern comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large. Small is a snug neck warmer size while the Large has a long drape similar to an infinity scarf and the Medium is right in between. If you have a loom with enough pegs to make it even longer you can increase the cast on in increments of 24 stitches.

The loom knit Retreat Cowl pattern contains written instructions, links to fully-captioned tutorial videos and knitting charts for both gauges.

Join us over the next 4 weeks while we work through the pattern.

Follow Along!

June 5: Pattern Overview and Supplies

June 12: Part 1 - Cast on, Ribbing and Diamond Lace Stitch

June 19: Part 2 - Seagrass Stitch and Indian Cross Stitch

June 26: Part 3 - Repeat the stitch patterns you already learned and finish your cowl.

Retreat Cowl

By Kristen Mangus

Pattern contains written instructions, links to fully-captioned tutorial videos and knitting charts for both sizes.



Skinny: Medium (#4) weight yarn - 1 (2, 2) balls of

Mary Maxim Starlette (100 g / 3.5 oz., 165 m / 180 yds.) used in multicolor sample. (See info below for specific yardage and colors.)

Chunky: Bulky (#5) or Super Bulky (#6) weight yarn - 3 (4, 5 balls) of

Mary Maxim Starlette Chunky (100 g / 3.5 oz., 55 m / 60 yds.) in color Teal used in sample.

For the multicolored Skinny Retreat Cowl in Starlette the following yarn colors and approximate amounts were used:

Lime - 94 yds

Amethyst - 33 yds

Hot Pink - 20 yds

Light Azure - 17 yds



Skinny: ⅜” small gauge (SG) loom with at least 96 (120, 144) pegs.

KB Flexee Loom Skinny (2 sets) used in sample.

Chunky: ⅝” large gauge (LG) loom with at least 60 (84, 108) pegs.

KB Flexee Loom Chunky (2 sets) used in sample.

Stitch marker 

Tapestry needle

Row counter


Approx = Approximate(ly)

Beg = Begin(ning)

BO = Bind off 

DLS = Diamond Lace Stitch

EK = Ewrap knit

EWYO = Ewrap Yarnover

K = U-wrap knit

P = Purl

Rep = Repeat

Rnd(s) = Round(s)

Sl = slip stitch; skip peg with working yarn at the back

St(s) = Stitch(es)

YO = Yarnover


Gauge is not important for this pattern.

SKILL LEVEL Intermediate


Small (Medium, Large)


Skinny: Approx. 11” high & 26” wide (32.5” wide, 39” wide)

Chunky: Approx. 11.5” high & 26” wide (36.5” wide, 47” wide)


Cast on: I recommend the long tail or the chain cast on for this pattern.

Indian Cross Stitch section: In the center section of Indian Cross Stitch some rounds do not begin on Peg 1. Pay close attention during this portion and follow the chart. See detailed notes in pattern instructions.

Knit stitches: Please note that K denotes the U-wrap knit stitch and EK denotes E-wrap knit stitches. They are not interchangeable in this pattern.

Ewrap Yarnover: – Peg must be Ewrapped to set up the stitch correctly. Do not use a yarnover that wraps only the front of the peg.

Bind off: Bind off in pattern as follows. Use the 1x1 rib pattern as you bind off alternating K1, P1. Use an Ewrap Knit (instead of U-wrap knit) when binding off to give your bind off more stretch. The basic bind off in pattern is to Knit Peg 1, Purl Peg 2, move 2 onto 1 and knit off (bottom loop over top). Since Peg 2 was purled, Knit Peg 3 and bind off. Then Purl Peg 4 and continue to bind off in pattern.

Color changes: While this pattern is designed in one color, if you choose to switch colors I recommend doing so on “K all.” rounds only.