The Top 10 Bernat Pop Yarn Patterns to Knit

Bernat Pop is a 100% acrylic, self-striping, worsted-weight yarn. It is an excellent choice of yarn for vibrant, eye-catching projects, whether you’re knitting a scarf, sweater, hat, or blanket. Bernat Pop Yarn is machine-washable, easy to work with, and a good choice for both beginners and experienced knitters.


The yarn doesn’t come in a huge range of colors, but the ones that are there are gorgeous. For instance, there is Lipstick On Your Collar, which ranges from a deep pink to dark gray, or Blue Blaze, which covers a wide range of shades of blue. The recommended needle size for Bernat Pop Yarn is 8 (or hook size H-8, if you’re a crocheter), but you should always follow the instructions specified on the pattern.


Do you want to give this yarn a try? Get started by checking out our top 10 Bernat Pop knit projects.

Fantastic Fair Isle Knit Pillow



Sometimes, even a little bit of color canchange the appearance of the entire room. This Fantastic Fair Isle Knit Pillow will do justthat. This is an easy-level knit project, so don’t get discouraged by theseemingly complicated pattern. All you need are two balls of Bernat Pop yarn intwo different colors and a pillow form.

Just One Ball Knit Shawl

Source:Wiam’s Crafts


Another easy-level project, this Just One Ball Shawl requires you to knit twoends of the yarn together to create a beautiful striped pattern. Aside fromthat, the pattern only includes some basic stitches, so even if you’re abeginner, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble with this one.

Triangle Shawl

Yet another shawl pattern, the Free Triangle Shawl Pattern is an easy-levelproject that will take your fashion game to a whole new level. For a 16x70”shawl, you will need two balls of Bernat Pop of the same shade, as well as apair of size 8 needles. The original pattern uses the color Paisley Pop, butyou’re welcome to use any shade you like. 

Dragon Tail Knit Shawl

Source: Wiam’s Crafts

If you’re looking for something different and unique in a shawl, maybe this Dragon Tail Shawl Pattern will be up you ralley. Since the shawl has somewhat intricate edging, this pattern is a better choice for intermediate knitters (or very ambitious novices). The pattern uses Bernat Pop yarn in the shade Moon shadow, which includes some grays, a shade of purple, yellow, and off-white.

On Repeat Knit Pullover

Let’s take a quick break from shawls for a second to check out this colorful On Repeat Knit Pullover Pattern. This intermediate-level project comes in six different sizes, and requires 4-10skeins of yarn in two different shades, depending on the size of the pullover. You will also need size 8 circular needles, size 9 circular needles, size 8double-pointed needles, and size 9 double-pointed needles. 

Slouchy Stripes Knit Cardigan

Another colorful clothing item, this free Slouchy Stripes Knit Cardigan Pattern comes in six sizes, ranging from XS/S to 4/5XL, so you can even make a matching pair or set. Depending on the size, you will need between 6 and 9 balls of yarn. In addition, you’ll also need size 8 circular knitting needles and size 8 knitting needles. This is an easy-level project and an excellent pattern for practicing working with self-striping yarn.

Easy Garter Stitch Cowl

If you’re just at the start of your knitting journey, you’ll need a beginner-level project to practice knitting with self-striping yarn (or acrylic yarn in general). The free Knit Garter Stitch Cowl Pattern is just what you’re looking for. The entire pattern is basically just a long repetition of garter stitches, making this an excellent project for getting that muscle memory sharp. Aside from two balls of yarn (the original pattern uses the shade Radical Botanical), you’ll also need size 8 knitting needles. 

Zig Zag Shawl 

We couldn’t help but throw another shawl into the mix! The free Zig Zag Shawl Pattern is an easy-level project for knitters looking to practice striping. To knit a 25x55” shawl, you’ll need three balls of Bernat Pop (the original pattern uses the shade Radical Botanical). In addition, you’ll also need size 8 circular knitting needles.  

Fading Cables Knit Blanket 

If you’ve never played around with texturesbefore, you’re missing out. Different textures can make any piece moreinteresting to look at, and this free Fading Cables Knit Blanket Pattern is anexcellent example of that. However, this is an intermediate-level project, sobe prepared for a bit of a challenge. Aside from 4 balls of yarn (this patternuses the shade Eggplant Ombre), you’ll need to get size 11 knitting needles tomake a 53x58” blanket.

Striped Knit Balaclava

Source: Yarnspirations


We’re wrapping up our list of Bernat Pop patterns with a balaclava. This practical, yet fashionable Striped Knit Balaclava is an easy-level pattern that requires just one ball of yarn (the original pattern uses the shade Foggy Notion). In addition to the yarn, you’ll also need a size 8circular needle and a set of four size 8 double-pointed needles. 

Ready to Try Bernat Pop Yarn?

Have we tickled your imagination with these fun, easy, and free Bernat Pop patterns? We hope you enjoy knitting with this great yarn, and may all your stripes turn out great! And if you find yourself liking Bernat Pop Yarn, here are some suggestions for similar yarns you might find fun to work with:

-      Premier Sweet Roll Yarn – The 100% acrylic, worsted-weight striped yarn is an excellent alternative to Bernat Pop. Each ball features three different colors in fun and vibrant combinations.

-      Lion Brand Mandala – This 100% acrylic yarn from Lion Brand is a light-weighted fiber that comes in a number of vibrant and contrasting color combinations.

-      Mandala Ombre Yarn – If you’re looking for a worsted-weight yarn similar to Lion Brand Mandala, then Mandala Ombre 100%acrylic yarn will be a great choice.

-      Lion Brand Mandala Baby – Lastly, this 100%acrylic, light-weighted yarn from Lion Brand comes in gentle, pastel shades,making it great for baby blankets and other baby items.