Fall will officially be here in 3 days. It has been said that October is to photographers as what April is to Accountants. In October, the air is crisp and the scenery sparks with the fiery colors of autumn. One of our favorite fall home decor items is this Classic Rustic Pumpkin set available on www.marymaxim.com. It’s perfect for your mantle and your table.

Our friend and independent Designer Brianna Iaropoli of Life and Yarn did a fantastic 2 part review of our Rustic Pumpkin kit on her blog. See the first installment below.

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Crochet Rustic Pumpkins

Fall is on the way and I can’t tell you how excited I am about Handmade Pumpkins!

I don’t think there is anything more Fall than a Rustic Pumpkin! When Mary Maxim sent me the Rustic Pumpkins Kit to make and share, you bet I was over the moon! I mean just the name itself is my style to a ‘T’!

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When you grab your own Rustic Pumpkins Kit you get to pick THREE colors from the Woodlands Yarn line. (Fantastic yarn, more on that in a bit) I chose Moss, Beige Heather, and Stardust.

Front Post Double Crochet

I have finished up my first of the Rustic Pumpkins and I am currently working on my second! I just love how these fall decorations are constructed. They look a bit on the complicated side, but I promise they are easier than they look! Mary Maxim has a wonderful stitch tutorial on the Front Post Double Crochet that is sure to help.  This stitch technique creates an interesting yet simple texture that is sure to wow your guests this holiday season! Perfect for a table centerpiece, in your entranceway, or if you are like me on the piano you do not know how to play!

Now that I have started my second one, this pattern is a breeze! It took me a little over a day to complete my first of the Rustic Pumpkins while chasing a toddler and doing laundry, so they’re super quick!

The Rustic Pumpkins are made using Woodlands Yarn by Mary Maxim. This yarn is 90% acrylic, 10% alpaca and super soft! It has some serious squish and makes nice fluffy stitches! I’m only on my second pumpkin but with both skeins I found the center pull right away which is always a plus!

I hope you will go grab a kit for yourself! I’m going to get back to my Pumpkins now and I will be sure to share as soon as I have finished the three Rustic Pumpkins!

Best, Brianna

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Woodland Yarn

Our Rustic Pumpkin kit is crocheted with our Woodlands Yarn and comes in 12 colors and when you purchase the kit you will pick your favorite 3 colors.

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of the Rustic Pumpkin Review from Life and Yarn. We’ll also be featuring The Alice Headband designed with our Woodlands Yarn by Teagan & Lu, our Ragg ‘D Anne Beanie and NEW Make- Along Videos Featuring the Spooky Halloween Plastic Canvas and the Autumn Harvest Plastic Canvas.

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Happy Crafting!