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Who is Mary?

Heather Mango |

Since the 1930's Mary Maxim has prided ourselves on being a household name in crafting, bringing the best possible products and customer service to our customer's. How has a company that has been around as long as we have kept our place in a fast paced industry? The answer is the people who make up Mary Maxim. Over the next few months we want to introduce you to the people that make up our company. We want you to meet the ladies you talk to when you call to place an order or call for project assistance, get an inside look at the design team who find, develop and proof all of our patterns. We want you to see the people who work so hard behind the scenes in our kit department to pack every single craft and yarn kit by hand, our print shop where we print all the patterns in house as well as to meet our management team that guides us all as we work together to bring you the service we were built on 4 generations ago. It's not just the people within our Mary Maxim building that make up "who" Mary Maxim is, but Mary is really every single customer we have had over the many years we have been in business and we want to know about you! Does your family have a tradition of knitting a personalized stocking for everyone? Do you have a Titan bulky sweater that has been passed down from generations? Did you learn to knit from the "Monkey Book?" Who is "Mary" to you? We want to hear and feature your crafting stories and memories! Please comment below or email with your stories or pictures.

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