Product Spotlight - Puzzle and Coloring Sets

We just love these new sets that we just received and had to share them! We have 3 new sets that each were artist designed and come with 2 puzzles and 4 color sheets. What a great gift idea! Ken Zylia The first set is by artist Ken Zylia and features a vintage automobile theme. The 2 puzzles are 500 and 550 pieces, and the scenery is diverse in each coloring page, from a town to a country farm setting. Tricia Rei The second set is by artist Tricia Reilly-Matthews. These puzzles and coloring pages have a theme of "children", and are very sweet! Both puzzles are 500 pieces. tomwood The third set we have is by artist Tom Wood. These have a very down on the farm feel, with the focus on animals. These would be wonderful for someone with a country decor in their home, or of course animal lovers. This sets puzzles are 500 and 550 pieces. All 3 sets are a great value for $19.99, giving you hours of enjoyment and relaxation. We have tons of other puzzles available here. If you love puzzles, be sure to sign up to get our Puzzle Gallery, featuring a huge variety of new puzzles, mailed right to your door.

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