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We would like to protect our yarn from our home elements of animal hair, our own hair, dust, and whatever else might be floating around our houses. Proper yarn storage will help with this, and also help you keep your yarn and projects organized. You can use grocery bags, plastic zip top bags, reusable food storage containers, storage totes, and even luggage. We have a lot of storage options here for you at Mary Maxim. These storage options are sturdy and can be used multiple times and withstand wear and tear unlike the plastic grocery bags that are often times used.yarn caddyThis Folding Yarn Caddy is great for keeping your yarn out and accessible. There are large sections for your projects and yarn, and smaller pockets for notions and accessories. It is fashionable and will look great sitting next to your chair or couch. It is small and light weight, and can be moved with ease.6 shelf organizer This 6 Shelf Organizer fits right into your closet; it keeps yarn organized and out of sight. Six shelves give you lots of space to store your yarn, as well as pockets on the sides for your books and accessoriesbig yarn toteThis Yarn Tote  is one of our all time favorite storage options. You can store a lot of yarn for big projects. It has a hole on top of each yarn divider to pull your working yarn through, you will be able to have multiple colors being worked simultaneously.portable yarn organizerThis Portable Yarn Organizer is similar to the Yarn Tote. It has 6 dividers for storage of one skein each, each section having a hole to pull working yarn through. It is made from corrugated plastic and can withstand hard use.blue stash bagDo you travel with your yarn work? If you like to travel with your yarn work, or even if you stay at home with your pro projects another option is the Yarn Stash bag.