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My Favorite Items

My Favorite Items

Kendra Sagash |

I have been asked several times what is my favorite crafting item, what can I not live without? My first response is yarn of course, but obviously, that is not the answer people are looking for. Is there a MUST HAVE, a "I can NOT live without this" product? Yes! It is the Knit Picks circular needle set. knitpicks I was taught to knit on wooden needles. I love that they are not too slick and the yarn does not just slip off. They do not feel cold in my hands, I feel like with metal I have to work very hard to knit or purl. I like the sound of the click-clack of metal needles, but not when my hands are making that noise. With the wooden Knit Picks set, it is smooth and fluid movements. I do not have to try hard to knit or purl. The Knit Picks Set gives you the versatility to knit worsted weight yarn or fingering yarn. I find that weight-loss-easy fingering yarn is so smooth and soft that I loose my stitches easily. The wooden set seems to have a slight texture or finish to hold your stitches in place. They are gorgeous, you can see the wood grain and it is enhanced by the finish that is on them. It comes with a wonderful case to hold your cables and needles. This helps me keep my needles away from my cats, who love the needles also. They think they are chew toys and I have lost several needles to their chewing habits. Knit Picks also has a Harmony Wood Double Pointed needle set. I am currently drooling over this item. I use the magic loop method for knitting small items in the round. I am thinking it may be time for me to take the leap into using double pointed needles just so I have a great excuse to buy these beauties. dpn My favorite book is Crochet for Dummies. I was taught the basics by my mother and grandmother. They did not teach me how to read a pattern. I used this 1st edition book when I wanted to learn more about the crochet and the range of stitches that I can do. There are a lot of great information and interesting facts. I recommend this book to anyone who knows the basics but wants to expand their stitch knowledge. This book shows you how to read and pattern, how to check for gauge and has some interesting facts about crochet. This would be the first book I recommend any crocheter to own. Since using it over 13 years ago, they have made a Second Edition, I didn't know how they could have made this book better! dummies I have another favorite accessory I use that a lot of people know about. Though I say, it is my secret to keeping my hand nimble, and it also helps with my carpal tunnel. I use the Fingerless Isotoner Gloves, I fit in a large. They keep my fingers from swelling when typing and crocheting. The slight compression also helps with pain that I have in my wrists. I spend about 80% of my day either typing or crocheting, this is a great product that helps my hands feel good. I also sleep with them on!!! isotoner These are just some of the things that I use regularly and love dearly! What is your favorite MUST HAVE item?

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