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New Year Crafting Resolutions! Get out your WIPs!

New Year Crafting Resolutions! Get out your WIPs!

Kendra Sagash |


As a crafter, we make goals when the New Year rolls around on finishing our previous year's projects, try a new craft, or finally make something for ourselves.  If you are looking for crafting goals this year, we will have plenty of ideas to share. Follow us and we hope to give you encouragement and inspiration along the way. The best advice we can give you is to get infections treatment organized! Sometimes it is easy to let your yarn stash and projects run away from you if you aren't keeping yourself accountable with what you have.

By keeping track of your yarn stash, you will become a lot more organized. An easy way to do this is to catalog your yarn stash on Ravelry. Here you can log any yarn you have in any amounts. Even if you only have a few yards left of a certain yarn, you can keep track of it. That way if you need a small amount of a contrasting color for a new project, you will know whether or not you have it. Logging yarn this way also makes it so you can store your yarn away and know what you have without having to dig into it. This will make deciding on a project quick and easy. If you don't want to use Ravelry, keeping a notebook and writing yarn down as you buy it works as well too. While cataloging your yarn, also be sure you have a good storage system for your yarn. We give some options we suggest in our Yarn Storage article from last year.

Another area of organization to stay on top of are WIP's (Works in Progress). Many of us have multiple works in progress and a lot of times they are hidden out of sight, but they still pull at us as we decide to pick up a new project. When entering a new year, a lot of crafters make goals of finishing projects before starting new ones. For those that are struggling to get through their WIPs, here are a few tips and tricks to get them done.

1.) Take inventory – how many do you have?

2.) Assess the WIPs needs – Do you need to purchase more yarn for this item?

3.) Assess the time needed – How many more rows does this project need?

4.) Travel project - Are some of these projects able to travel?

5.) Make a plan of attack. Use a project planning worksheet like the one we've created here to have a visual aid for keeping track of all the projects you are currently working on.

6.) Find one project that can be finished fast. This will help jump start your goal and it will give you a sense of accomplishment that will help push your ambition farther.

 7.) Locate a traveling project, bag it up nice and keep it in your car. Designate this as your sit and wait project. This project should have no specific timeline and can be worked on at leisure while waiting in the car for the kids, or at appointments.

8.) Pick another project that has a deadline, even if the deadline has already passed. Work this project at night.

We know and understand how hard it is to stick with a project especially if it is a large project. But by dividing up your time wisely you can accomplish anything.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and be sure to subscribe for many other tips and tricks throughout the year!

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