Diamond Dotz

Are you in the market for a new craft or hobby but overwhelmed with the thought getting started and learning a whole new craft? Look no further than Diamond Dotz! Diamond Dotz make it easy to enjoy a fun new craft without the stress of tracking down all of the supplies or learning a bunch of new techniques. Check out this video to see what they are all about:

Every Diamond Dotz kit, ranging from $7.99 and up depending on the design, comes with EVERYTHING you need to complete your project, aside from a frame to display your masterpiece in when you are finished. You will get a pre-printed fabric that comes already covered in a special adhesive, a stylus for picking up your Diamond Dotz, wax to use with your stylus to pick the Diamond Dotz up, a tray to pour your Diamond Dotz in while you are working, an instructional sheet, and all of the colors of Diamond Dotz, with re-closable bags, you need to finish your picture. Your fabric is covered with a clear sheet that you pull away as you work so you can complete your project at your own pace. This craft is great for anyone of any skill level; even children could participate with adult supervision. 

Take a look below to see just a few examples of different Diamond Dotz kits we have to offer. There are a wide variety of different prints and sizez available on our website here. Take a look and comment below with your favorite! Please share with anyone you know you may enjoy this fun and relaxing new craft option. 

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