Before the Christmas rush, we started our C2C or Corner to Corner Series to go along with our November Blog Exclusive. Today we are wrapping up this series with a tutorial on decreasing the C2C stitch. To watch the technique from start to finish, make sure to visit our How to Corner to Corner Part 1 post and watch the video at the end of this post.

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Construction of Corner to Corner (C2C)

Corner to Corner (C2C) afghans are crocheted working in increasing rows on a diagonal. Each row increases by one block until the width size has been met. Then maintain the width but increase the length until the length size has been met, the number of blocks in each row stays the same. Finally, decrease both width and length by one block per row until one block remains. You can review the step by step guide on how to begin your C2C afghan here.

Decreasing Corner to Corner Rows

We will be referring to the Candy Cane Throw when discussing how to decrease. To better follow along please refer to the Candy Cane Throw Pattern from here forward.

C2C afghans are also popular to work with because when designing you can be very flexible with the length or width. Meaning you can begin to decrease at your comfort and still have a nicely proportionate afghan in relation to length and width. To crochet a square C2C afghan, you will decrease every row until one block is left. To crochet a rectangle C2C afghan, you will decrease every other row until desired length and width are met.

Make Your First Decrease

Row: 44 Ch1, turn, sl st in each of next 3 dc of last block in previous row, changing to CC2 with sl st in ch-3 sp of same block, make Block in same ch-3 sp continue working Blocks to end. (43 Blocks) The example below does not show the CC2 color change written in row 44 directions.  

Watch the C2C Technique

We hope you’ve enjoyed crocheting the C2C technique, if you prefer watching how the technique is crocheted make sure to watch this video.

Stay Tuned

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