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Color Pooling

Color Pooling

Kendra Sagash |

Color pooling is a trend that is on the rise. There is more to color pooling than meets the eye. It is a matter of trial and error to get the look that you wish to achieve. Not all yarns have the proper variegation to get the tartan design that is being flashed around the web. Red Heart is the most readily used for this pattern. We wanted to see what we could accomplish with our yarn. We found that the Baby Kashmere yarn has the best variegation to achieve the tartan design. The point behind pooling is to think outside the box and see what your yarn can do with different counts and stitches. You will not always get the tartan design or the diamond design when working with variegated yarn. Some yarn has long color ways and will ultimately just make blocks of color or stripes. Lollipop yarn has a break of white in between each color, making the diamond pattern impossible. But it makes a wonderful short striping pattern using a single crochet or stockinette stitch. It could be used in a corner to corner and it will create short stripes or chunky stripes on a diagonal.  But that does not mean to not try and to just stick with the 'normal' stitches and count. Do not limit yourselves. We offer a great variety of colorways and variegation. Like our new Studio yarn, It would take almost a whole skein to go from the first color to the last color. Plus the color change is not sudden and blends nicely. This too can be pooled, but ends up a totally different look. The Stripes on the Diagonal blanket uses the Milan yarn. In this design we used a corner to corner method with short width and an average length. This allowed the Milan yarn to stripe in large blocks of color. Each panel is different and unique. The Dreamer Afghan by The Hat & I is a perfect example of purposeful pooling. The middle of each piece is made using Prism yarn. Once you are done making the pieces you arrange them to color coordinate.

These are just a few examples of items that we have methods that can be used with variegated yarn to make wonderful designs with color.


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