Crochet-Along Week 8

This is our week to start putting edgings on our finished squares and take a break from adding new squares, or if you are new to the Crochet Along all of the previous weeks are posted here for you to jump in with us! This week will give you time to catch up if you have fallen behind! The edging will be the same for all the squares, no exception. You could skip the edging and just whip stitch them together as is at the end, but adding the border on each square will give it a nice finished look, as well as make it easier to assemble the blanket.  Square edgings: Join with MC in any corner space Ch 1, (3 sc) in same corner space, 3 times, work 28 sc evenly to beginning sc, sl st to join. Fasten off. We hope everyone is caught up with their squares by next week when we will get back to making more. We hope you all are enjoying taking part and be sure to subscribe to get all of the new posts sent directly to your inbox.  


  • Kendra Sagash

    Pauline the total yardage is in the introductory week as well as mine and Heathers response to your first request. The whole thing will average between 2000-2500 yards depending on your gauge. For edging and assembly I would say about 350-400 yards. This is not including the over all border at the end.

  • Jill

    Just to confirm, that is 124 sc all the way around?

  • Kendra Sagash

    Yes it is.

  • Kendra Sagash

    When designing the over all pattern I had to see how many stitches would be appropriate for the average size square due to the pattern change for each square. I didn’t want one design to be squished etc. There will also be another break/border week around week 13 or 14. FYI.

  • Carol

    Does it matter if you have the Right side up or not, when you are doing the edging? Just reading the directions, and wondering, the first corner in which we begin, would we end up with an four stitches in this corner instead of 3? Have not done this before, have to make sure I start off the right foot, thanks.

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