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Crafting Trends: Elephants !

Crafting Trends: Elephants !

Kendra Sagash |

Crafting trends are constantly changing, this can be easily seen by logging into your social media accounts. On social media pictures of projects and patterns are always being shared, liked, and appearing on everyone's Timelines, many of which follow a theme. One trend that we have seen has been all about Elephants. I decided to gander at Ravelry and see what else may be trending with Elephants.

Hopefulhoney had these cute little Elephant Booties that are trending on her site. It would make a great baby shower gift or a good addition to a baby's costume. The pattern calls for DK yarn, you will also need 4 small black buttons for the eyes or you can use small 4mm or 5mm safety eyes. Using the buttons or safety eyes instead of basic black yarn, give this pattern that wonderful finishing touch.


For those looking for a different type of Elephant craft, I recommend this Elephant Zendoodle canvas bag. Great gift for anyone of any age. It is a color it yourself canvas bag, that can be used to carry your other crafts, school work, or lunch. This craft is so easy even a child can do it.


This Bulky Elephant Afghan for Two pattern appeared on my timeline several times from loved ones and friends. Questions followed: How much yarn would this take? How long would it take you to make? And always the final one: How much would this cost for you to make it for me? Well ladies and gentlemen, you can order this to be hand made by the original designer! This footed afghan, or what I would like to call a human cozy, is keeping up with the trend of having a closed bottom for extra warmth. What makes this pattern unique is that it is made for TWO people. Each person gets an elephant leg for each person. This would be a wonderful gift for the cute couple in your life. You can either purchase the afghan as  a whole and it will be custom made for you by the wonderful DanaDee or you can purchase just the pattern and make it yourself. If you are making this pattern for yourself DanaDee says to use 3 strands of Starlette at a time.


If you would like something a little more prominent and that can be displayed in your home we recommend our Elephant Canvas coloring kit. This project does come with the basic markers needed. You can use the markers or your own markers, you can even use paint since it is on canvas. This project is so versatile that an adult or child can color this or both can work on it together.

These are the current trends as we see them in our crafting community. Stay tuned to see what else is up and coming! As usual, if you are in need of any crafting materials make sure to check out !

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