A Christmas Stocking Family Tradition with Eileen Kaiser Redmond

A Christmas Stocking Tradition

Eileen Kaiser Redmond has been kitting Christmas Stockings for her family for years. She began her project when her husband's Aunt Mary passed away. Aunt Mary started the tradition by knitting Christmas Stockings for the new babies of the family. It became a gift that everyone looked forward to when a baby was born, however, when Aunt Mary passed her absence was felt the most. The Christmas after Aunt Mary passed, Eileen’s Mother-in-law brought Eileen the stocking that Aunt Mary had intended for Eileen's newborn son. That’s when Eileen became determined to keep the tradition going.  She worked at a yarn shop when she was in high school and had already taught herself the basics. After speaking with some of her family members, she received Aunt Mary’s old stocking patterns, many of which were from Mary Maxim. Eileen then ordered a few new Mary Maxim Christmas Stocking kits and 6 months later she had presents for her brother-in-law’s entire family. Eileen was successful in bringing back this favorite family tradition. Since then, she has knitted Christmas Stockings for her entire family as well as neighbors and friends. The next baby to receive her Christmas Stocking was born just two weeks ago and will receive her gift this week. Below are some pictures of Eileen’s work. Most of them are Mary Maxim patterns, and a few are of her own design. Eileen loves knitting Christmas Stockings, she says it’s a fun and relaxing way to pass the time on, especially on long road trips. Thank you, Eileen, for sharing your story with us. 

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  • Laurie

    My story is much like Eileen’s except I just taught myself to knit a little. My mother-in-law also made them for family with the date they entered the family; be it by marriage or by birth. I am interested in picking up the torch of making vintage stockings for my children and their children. I’m looking for some tutoring as my skills are self-taught basic. I’m left-handed a that for some reason was daunting for those I asked to teach me, so I bought a right/left hand instruction book. I am a seamstress so I do have craft ability. :)

  • Judy Rank

    I make all the stockings for our family too. Most are Mary maxim and some are cross stitch pictures I have adapted to Mary Maxim charts. I love making them. Pretty much all my friends and co-workers grand children have stockings too. Keep up the great work!!! Family heirlooms!!! The first stocking I made was for my youngest brother when I was 16 and he was 5. He still has it. My stockings have improved a lot since the first one!!! I hope Mary Maxim comes out with some new patterns…..“Little Red Truck with xmas tree” comes to mind!!!!

  • Corinne Young

    Is there a way to knit socks when you have a movement disorder? Muscle spasms cause me to drop stitches.

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