Technique Tuesday- Decreasing in Knit and Crochet


If you have been a beginner knitter or crocheter for awhile, you may be tired of working on dishcloths or scarves and ready to move your work to the next level. We hope these easy to follow videos will help you do just that! In order to shape work in knit or crochet, many times increasing or decreasing is used. We are going to show you a few ways to decrease in both knit and crochet. There are several ways to decrease, these are just the beginning. In knitting, especially when creating armholes, you may be asked to cast off a certain number of stitches. In crochet, the pattern may tell you to slip stitch over a certain number of stitches and from that point on leave them unworked. Here we will show you how to knit two together(k2tog), slip slip knit (ssk), slip stitch (sl st) and single crochet two together (sc2tog). If you are already at the intermediate level, what other ways do YOU like to decrease? Share below! 

How to K2tog

How to SSK

How to Sl stitch

How to Sc2tog

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