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When the crisp air of fall moves in, and we bundle up with our favorite sweaters for long walks through rustling leaves, down rows of apple trees, or through pumpkin patches in search for the great pumpkin, one thing is certain, somehow a cabled sweater just seems cozier. That's why we decided to show you how to make one of our October favorites, an Easy Cable Knit Pumpkin. 

In this post, we show you know to knit a pumpkin with an easy cable pattern. The cable mimics the ridges found in a pumpkin and has a short increase and decrease at either end to prevent cable flair and to make it easier to close on the top and bottom. If you've never cabled before but have always wanted to, then this is a great project to learn on.

We recommend that when you stuff the pumpkin, lean towards over stuffing the pumpkin. We found that after stuffing ours, it could use a bit more to fill out some flat spots. This is a great part of using a cinnamon stick stem, we simply removed the cinnamon sticks and worked in more polyfill. 

Shopping List

Yarn (Bulky Weight Size 5)

    Mary Maxim Titan Yarn

    1 Skein  -  Tan

Knitting Needle Hook

    16" Circular Needles Size 10.5 (6.5mm)

3 Cinnamon Sticks

1 Tapestry Needle

Our traditional bulky weight yarn, used in our well-known graph-style sweater patterns. You can create fast, fun fashion accessories from head to toe as this yarn will work up quickly using larger needles or hook sizes. Will also make warm, comfy throws or afghans.

Medium BlueBlackTanTaupeLight GreyMedium GreyDark GreyWhiteDark DenimTeal HeatherMauveCottonwoodChocolate BrownBerry

Stitch Guide

k  -   knit

p   -   purl

k2tog   -   knit 2 stitches together

p2tog   -   purl 2 stitches together

kfb   -   knit front and back

rem   -   remaining

rep   -   repeat or repeating

rnd(s)  -   round(s)

st(s)  -   stitch(es)

tog   -   together

"   -   inches

cm   -   centimeters

mm  -  millimeter

C6F   -   Slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold to front of work, k3, then k3 from cable needle

C6Fdec   -   Slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold to front of work, k2, k2tog 1 from left needle and 1 from cable needle, then k2 from cable needle.

How to knit a Cabled Pumpkin

Cast on 56 sts

Row 1: *K4, p4, rep from * to end, ensure sts are not twisted and join in rnd.

Rnd 2-4: *K4, p4, rep from * to end. 

Rnd 5: *Kfb, k2, kfb, p4 rep from * to end

Rnd 6: *C6F, p4, rep from * to end

Rnds 7-17: *K6, p4, rep from * to end

Rep Rnds 6-17 twice

Rnd 42: *C6Fdec, p4, rep from * to end

Rnd 43: *K5, [p2tog] twice, rep from * to end

Rnds 44-45: *K5, p2, rep from * to end

Cast Off


Finishing the Top and Bottom

Thread a yarn needle with tail or a remaining piece of yarn and weave through each stitch around the top, pulling the yarn tightly to close the circle.

Close any holes that may occur and if desired sew an x about 2-4 inches long over closure to increase stability.  

Stuff your pumpkin with Polyfil

Repeat at the other end in the same manner making sure to leave a space in the center for the cinnamon stick for the stem.