Learn to Crochet for Beginners

Learn to crochet with our how-to video series. We use our Mary Maxim Quick yarn to give you a nice, easy to see stitch, and keep the videos short and sweet. You get to watch in "real time" and slow motion to help make learning to crochet fun and simple! The slip knot is the foundation to starting projects in knit or crochet. This video makes it easy to learn. https://youtu.be/5O7Nz31IDcg The foundation chain is the next step in a crochet project. See how to make it below! https://youtu.be/t3HglM34pgM Single crochet is used in most projects. This video shows you how to complete a single crochet, which is abbreviated in patterns as "sc". https://youtu.be/egZ3IljfzSA Double crochet is another essential stitch to add to your crochet knowledge. Double crochet is abbreviated in patterns as "dc". https://youtu.be/YxfZ9ws3I1A A slip stitch , abbreviated as "sl st", is used for many reasons in crochet patterns. After watching this video you will know how to do it yourself. https://youtu.be/RDSGForCXyo We hope you found these videos useful; check out our YouTube channel for many more how-to videos. Keep an eye out for our next series of intermediate crochet videos coming soon. Do you have a how-to video you would like to see? Comment below!

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