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Maximum Value Yarn Review

Maximum Value Yarn Review

Gwen Bautista |

Introducing Maximum Value Yarn

  When conducting the Maximum Value Yarn Review, the first thing we noticed about Maximum Value Yarn is the weight of the skein. This skein is 450 yards of 100% Acrylic yarn, which measures to a weight of 8 ounces or 1/2 pound of yarn per skein. We had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with our own Research and Design team who created our newest line of Mary Maxim yarn. The pride in their work and consumer mindedness really shows with the Maximum Value yarn range. It is designed for more durability and sturdier fibers while preserving the softness that we love to feel in our handicrafts. This is a great yarn to use if you need a fiber that will stand up to everyday wear and tear or for a piece that is going to be loved daily.

Color Families

One of the great features of the Maximum Value yarn is that it was designed in color families for patterns or techniques that are highlighted by using tints or tones of color. This makes for smooth transitions and striking lines in your work. Your ripple and fan effects will always look like a showpiece with this yarn and you can feel confident that it will stand up to the tests given by those who love it the most.

Fiber Comparison

We did a side by side comparison with our other brands to look at the density and color quality of Maximum Value yarn. It “holds its own” against its peers. You may find a slightly rougher hand when working with Maximum Value over some of our other ranges like Mary Maxim’s Woodlands or Mary Maxim’s Alpaca Tweed. However, considering it is built to last and retains so much softness it has become a “go-to” yarn especially on larger projects. When we compare the color next to our other brands of yarn it stays true to the name Mary Maxim with vibrant tones and consistent quality.   We can’t wait to hear your opinions on this new product line. We are confident that you will be as excited as we are to work with this product and all the potential it has. Give it a try and leave pictures of your work in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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The yarn is easy to work with and looks good when project is finished. I will continue to purchase this type of yarn for all my afghans

Maria Knada,

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