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How to Crochet a Bucket Hat: Step-by-Step Guide

Hats are a timeless fashion staple that can elevate your look in a heartbeat. Even better, hand-made hats that were created with love and attention will add a unique touch to any outfit. If you’re looking for a pretty, elegant, hand-made hat, we have a suggestion – why not crochet a bucket hat yourself?

Materials Needed

As with any other project, it’s important to gather all the materials before you get to work. In order to crochet a bucket hat, you will need:

- A crochet hook (we recommend going for a G-6 hook size for this specific project)

- A ball of yarn (Lily Sugar’n Cream or a similar worsted yarn will do the trick)

- A pair of scissors

- Yarn needle

- Stitch markers

Stitch Abbreviations

This project is relatively simple to make, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with stitch abbreviations. Here are the ones you need to know:

- ch – chain

- st(s) – stitch(es)

- sc – single crochet

- sl st – slip stitch

- sc fl – single crochet through the front loop (similar to the single crochet stitch, except that you will insert the hook into the front loop only, instead of both loops)

- inc – increase

Tips for Crocheting a Bucket Hat

Before you begin crocheting a bucket hat, here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

- Different people will need differently-sized hats. If you’re crocheting a hat for someone, try to tailor the measurements of the hat to them specifically.

- You will be working in spiral rounds. Since a hat is a generally round object, the easiest way to go about crocheting it is by working in rounds. However, instead of making a turning chain at the end of a round, you should make the first stitch of the new round in the first stitch of the last one.

- Mind the gauge. More densely-packed stitches will ensure that the brim of the hat (and the hat as a whole) isn’t too floppy. That’s why we’ll be using a smaller hook than we normally would for a worsted-weight yarn.

- Take regular breaks. Cotton yarn on its own is quite stiff and heavy on your hands. When you add small stitches to the equation, you should definitely take regular breaks as you work to avoid muscle and joint pain.

How to Crochet a Bucket Hat: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Make a Gauge Swatch

Finally, it’s time to do some crocheting. The first thing to do is ensure that the gauge is right. You can do so by crocheting the top of the hat and measuring it. At 9 rounds, it should measure at around 4 inches. Adjust the hook size if necessary. 

Step 2: Crown of the Hat

The crown of the hat is the first thing we’ll crochet.

Rd 1: To start off, we need to make a magic ring and work 6sc into it. Make a sl st to the first sc. After this, you should work in spiral rounds:

Rd 2: inc in each st

Rd 3: (inc, sc in the next st) 6

Rd 4: (inc, sc in the next 2 sts) 6

Rd 5: (inc, sc in the next 3 sts) 6

Rd 6: 2 sc (inc, sc in the next 4 sts) 5, inc, 2 sc

Rd 7: (inc, sc in the next 5 sts) 6 times

Rd 8: 3 sc (inc, sc in the next 6 sts) 5, inc, 3 sc

Repeat with increasing stitches until round 13, which should look like this:

Rd 13: (inc, sc in the next 11 sts), 6 times (78 sts). At this point, the crown (top of the hat) should measure around 6.5 inches in diameter.

Step 3: Side of the Hat

Once the top or the crown of the hat is done, it’s time to move on to the sides. Continue working in spiral rounds of sc stitches.

Rd 14 - rd 16: sc in each st

Rd 17: (inc, sc 18, inc, sc 19) 2

Rd 18 - rd 20: sc in each st

Rd 21: (inc, sc 19, inc, sc 20) 2

Rd 22 - rd 24: sc in each st

Rd 25: (inc, sc 20, inc, sc 21) 2

Rd 26 - rd 28: sc in each st

The sides of the hat should, at this point, be around 3.5in tall. If you want the hat to be higher, you can continue working in increasing rounds. If not, it’s time to start making the brim.

Step 4: Brim of the Hat

The brim of the hat is where you’ll be using the only special stitch in this pattern, sc fl:

Rd 29: 7 sc fl (inc fl, 14 sc fl) 5, inc fl, 7 sc fl)

Rd 30: (inc, sc 15) 6

Rd 31: sc in each st

Rd 32: 8 sc (inc, sc 16) 5, inc, 8 sc

Rd 33: sc in each st

Rd 34: (inc, sc 17) 6

Rd 35: sc in each st

Rd 36: 9 sc (inc, sc 18) 5, inc, 9 sc

Rd 37: sc in each st

Rd 38: (inc, sc 19) 6

Rd 39: sc in each st

Rd 40: sl st in each st

At this point, the brim of the hat should be around 2.5in wide. Add increasing rounds by 6 stitches if you want a wider brim.

Step 5: Finishing

Finally, it’s time to finish your crochet bucket hat. Leave around 6 inches of yarn when cutting off the excess. Pull it through the last loop on the hook and weave in the ends. 

Show off Your New Crochet Bucket Hat!

So there you have it, a quick and easy guide to crocheting your first bucket hat. If you’ve never worked in continuous rounds before, don’t worry – it’s easier than it seems. With a little bit of practice, we’re sure you’ll have this down in no time!

How to Crochet a Bucket Hat: Frequently Asked Questions

Are bucket hats easy to crochet?

Bucket hats can be quite easy or pretty difficult to crochet depending on the design. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly bucket hat crochet pattern, we recommend checking out this Free Summer Sun Bucket Hat Pattern.

What yarn is best for a crochet bucket hat?

Since bucket hats need some sturdiness to maintain shape, it’s best to use sturdier yarns, such as cotton and cotton blends. Aside from Lily Sugar‘n Cream, Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton will also work.

What is the diameter of a crochet bucket hat?

The diameter of this crochet bucket hat is 6.5 inches not counting the brim, or 11.5 inches with the brim. You can also size your hat up and down depending on who you’re crocheting it for.

How long does it take to crochet a bucket hat?

All in all, it should take you around 3 hours to crochet a bucket hat. However, the precise time will depend on your skill level, the pattern you’re working with, the size of the hat, and so on.