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How to Crochet a Purse: Complete Guide (Free and Paid Patterns Included)

Delving into the captivating world of crocheting a purse entails a harmonious blend of functionality and artistic expression. This comprehensive guide acts as a guiding beacon through the intricate paths of pattern selection, yarn choices, and stitch techniques crucial for crafting a personalized accessory. With a meticulously curated collection of complementary and premium patterns, this resource caters to diverse skill levels and design preferences. Whether venturing into your maiden purse project or aiming to elevate your craftsmanship, the amalgamation of expert guidance and versatile patterns is poised to empower your creative journey toward sartorial self-expression.

Materials Needed 

The foundational materials required for crocheting a purse encompass yarn, a crochet hook, lining fabric, a zipper, and a sewing needle. Yarn weights play a pivotal role in determining the overall texture and size of the purse, allowing for customization based on desired outcomes. The selection of yarn should harmonize with the hook sizes to ensure the stitches strike a balance between being neither loose nor tight.


A firm grasp of standard abbreviations is paramount to deciphering patterns accurately and efficiently when crocheting a purse. Abbreviations streamline instructions, rendering them concise and easier to follow, enhancing the crafting experience.

How to Crochet a Purse: Pattern Instructions

Embarking on the quest to crochet a purse necessitates a meticulous adherence to pattern instructions. The pattern delineates the sequential steps for crafting the purse body, advancing to crafting the optional flap and culminating with the final embellishments. Each step in the pattern instructions is instrumental in fashioning a meticulously crafted purse that accentuates your crochet prowess.

Step 1: Crafting the Purse Body

Commencing the creation of a crochet purse body entails a meticulous selection of yarn and crochet hook sizes to attain the desired size and texture. Consider the following elements during this phase:

1. Color Palette: Opt for hues that resonate with your style and wardrobe preferences.

2. Purse Dimensions: Determine dimensions tailored to everyday use or special occasions.

3. Crochet Techniques: Experiment with stitches like single crochet or shell stitch to infuse texture and visual appeal.

Step 2: Crafting a Purse Flap (Optional)

Continuing the crafting journey of your crochet purse, the subsequent step involves sculpting the purse flap to impart a stylish and functional dimension to your design. Delve into various shapes and sizes for the flap to harmonize with your purse body. Experiment with embellishments like buttons, beads, or appliques to inject a personal flair. 

Step 3: Final Touches

As you approach the culmination of your crocheted purse, bestow utmost attention to the final touches to elevate its aesthetic allure and functionality. Crafting a sturdy handle or strap enhances practicality and ease of use while lining the interior imparts a refined and professional finish. Finesse the finishing touches, including embellishments or closures, to confer a unique and personalized aura to your purse.

Handle or Strap

Embark on an elegance-infused journey by fashioning a sturdy handle or strap that harmonizes with your purse design, ensuring comfortable wear.


Integrating a fabric lining amplifies durability and sophistication for a structured and polished denouement to your crocheted purse. Consider incorporating a zipper closure for security, button embellishments for aesthetics, interior pockets for organization, and ensuring a secure strap attachment. 

Finishing Touches

Sculpt the final touches with meticulous attention to detail to confer a professional sheen to your crocheted purse, elevating it to a pinnacle of craftsmanship.

10 Purse Crochet Patterns

Embark on an odyssey of creativity with a curated ensemble of purse crochet patterns poised to inspire. From the timeless Everyday Tote to the voguish Hippie Purse, each pattern proffers a unique and stylish design catering to diverse tastes.

Free Everyday Tote Purse Crochet Pattern

Immerse yourself in crafting with the Free Everyday Tote Purse Crochet Pattern from Mary Maxim, an esteemed family-owned establishment with a storied legacy spanning over four generations. This pattern fosters creativity and personalization, making it an ideal undertaking for crochet enthusiasts of all proficiency levels.

Free Felted Clutch Purse Crochet Pattern

Indulge your crafting finesse with the Free Felted Clutch Purse Crochet Pattern. It offers a blend of style and versatility to showcase your crochet insight and creativity. Available in various shapes, felted clutches serve as a canvas for personalization and expression.

Free Rounded Crochet Hippie Purse Pattern

Embark on a journey of bohemian charm with the Free Rounded Crochet Hippie Purse Pattern, a chic and practical project to augment your crochet repertoire.

Free Farmer's Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Embrace sustainability with the Free Farmer's Market Bag Crochet Pattern, crafting an eco-conscious accessory perfect for daily use or shopping expeditions. Explore a spectrum of color choices and size variations to align with your aesthetic sensibilities.

Free Star Stitch Pouches Pattern

Unveil elegance and versatility with the Free Star Stitch Pouches Pattern, a testament to refined craftsmanship and artistic expression in purse crochet projects.

Shell Stitch Purse Pattern

Elevate your crafting prowess with the Shell Stitch Purse Pattern, an epitome of sophistication and functionality in crochet design. Experiment with shell stitch variations to infuse texture and allure into your creation.

Chakra Purse Pattern

Embark on a spiritual odyssey with the Chakra Purse Pattern, weaving elements of color therapy and energy alignment into a transcendent accessory that transcends mere fashion.

Crocheted Funky Motif Purse Pattern

Embrace eclectic charm with the Crocheted Funky Motif Purse Pattern, a fusion of vibrant motifs and creative embellishments that set it apart as a fashion statement.

Twister Purse Pattern

Spiral into a realm of innovative design with the Twister Purse Pattern, an intricate yet captivating crochet project showcasing your skill and artistry.

Crocheted Pouch Style Purse Pattern

You can craft a chic and functional Crocheted Pouch-Style Purse using this detailed pattern, perfect for infusing a handmade touch into your accessory collection.


Reflecting on Mary Maxim's enduring legacy, underscored by the unwavering dedication and commitment to quality, propels the crafting journey towards new horizons of excellence. Customization avenues serve as playgrounds for creativity, allowing for the exploration of diverse stitches, textures, and designs to render your purse a unique masterpiece. Delve into varied purse closures and embellishments to infuse functionality and allure into your handcrafted creation. Let your creativity soar as you crochet to a bespoke and personalized purse that mirrors your individuality and panache.

How to Crochet a Purse: Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating crocheting a purse often engenders queries and uncertainties, particularly for beginners venturing into this creative domain. The choice of crochet stitch, yarn selection, and sizing considerations are pivotal in sculpting a purse that embodies both form and function.

Can beginners crochet a bag?

With patience and a step-by-step guide, beginners can embark on crocheting a bag, gradually unraveling their creativity and skills. Here are vital pointers to aid beginners in commencing their crochet purse journey:

1. Beginner Tips: Initiate with simplistic patterns and progress steadily to intricate designs.

2. Design Inspiration: Seek inspiration from crafting platforms, social media, and publications to ignite creativity.

3. Color Choices: Experiment with color combinations to delineate your unique style.

What is the best crochet stitch for a purse?

Optimal crochet stitch selection is instrumental in crafting a sturdy and visually appealing purse that harmonizes functionality with aesthetics. Popular stitches like single crochet, half double crochet, or moss stitch strike a balance between durability and style. Structural preferences and intended purse stiffness or flexibility influence the choice of the stitch.

What kind of yarn is used to crochet a purse?

The selection of yarn for crocheting a purse is pivotal in manifesting durability and style in the final creation. Consider the following factors when choosing yarn:

1. Yarn Selection, Color Choices: Opt for yarn that aligns with your purse design and personal style.

2. Durability, Style: Seek yarn that blends strength with aesthetics for a lasting and visually appealing purse.

3. Texture, Weight: Decide on yarn texture and weight based on the desired purse look and feel.

What yarn size is best for crocheting a bag?

Tailoring yarn size to your crochet purse design is crucial for achieving the desired texture and appearance. Medium-weight yarn like worsted (4) is ideal for sturdy and durable bags, while finer yarns like sport (2) or DK (3) suit lighter and delicate designs. Consider yarn brands offering a diverse color palette and durability factors like washability and resistance to wear.

Navigating the intricate nuances of crocheting a purse requires meticulous attention to detail and creativity, which can lead to crafting a bespoke accessory that resonates with your unique style and flair.