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Holiday Crafting and DIY

Christmas is the time for Crafting!  No matter if you are gifting your favorite people with a special handmade gift or if you are adding a special DIY Ornament to your tree, we can help you make your Christmas magical!  

Favorite Christmas Posts

Halloween is a special holiday for so many people, and another great reason to follow the Mary Maxim Blog!  Make sure to follow for excellent crafting ideas and special kits to make your home Enchanting. Check our our blog posts on your favorite Fall Crafts for a variety of styles.

Favorite Halloween Posts


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Crafting by the Season

Fall is always the perfect time to curl up in your favorite Mary Maxim Sweater and cuddle under your favorite Mary Maxim Afghan and work on your latest WIP.  

Favorite Fall Posts

Winter time is a fiber artist's favorite season for knit and crochet goods.  Make sure to subscribe to our blog and keep up to date on all of the crafting trends and DIY ideas!

Favorite Winter Posts

Check out our Spring Crafting ideas.  Check out these DIY and Crafting Ideas that will brighten up your home and are wonderful for Spring.

Check out our fun and creative Summer Crafts that will keep you entertained for hours. Customize them and make them your own!