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Reward Points

The Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for certain actions (see Earning Reward Points) you take on the site. Points are awarded based on making purchases and customer actions such as submitting reviews.

Benefits of Reward Points for Registered Customers

Registered Users will be able to earn and accrue reward points, which are then redeemable at the time of purchase towards the cost of your order. Rewards are an added bonus to your shopping experience on the site and just one of the ways we thank you for being a loyal customer.

Please be aware that we cannot apply reward points unless you are a registered user and logged into your account while performing any actions that will result in a Reward Point bonus. Rewards points cannot be added retroactively.

Earning Reward Points

Rewards can currently be earned for the following actions:

  • Making purchases — every time you make a purchase you earn points based on the price of products purchased and these points are added to your Reward Points balance. (For every $1 you spend on merchandise, you will earn 1 Reward Point.)
  • Registering on the site. (100 Points)
  • Subscribing to our Email Promotions / Newsletter for the first time. (50 Points)
  • Converting Invitations to Customer — Earn points for every invitation you send out which leads to your friends registering on the site. (100 Points)
  • Converting Invitations to Order — Earn points for every invitation you send out which leads to a sale. (200 Points)
  • Review Submission — Earn points for submitting product reviews. (25 Points if we approve your review)
  • New Tag Submission — Earn points for adding tags to products. (10 Points if we approve your tag)

Reward Points Exchange Rates

The value of reward points is determined by an exchange rate of both currency spent on products to points (Spend $1 and receive 1 Reward Point), and an exchange rate of points earned to currency for spending on future purchases (Redeem 100 Reward Points for $1 in merchandise).

Redeeming Reward Points

You can redeem your reward points at checkout. If you have accumulated enough points to redeem them you will have the option of using points as one of the payment methods. Points are redeemable in multiples of 100 ($1.00). The option to use reward points, as well as your balance and the monetary equivalent of this balance, will be shown to you in the Payment Method area of the Checkout. Redeemable reward points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards and gift cards.

Payment Information

Reward Points Minimums and Maximums

A minimum value is required for redemption. You will not be able to use your reward points until you accrue a minimum of 100 points ($1.00), at which they will become available for redemption.

Reward points are capped at the maximum value of 1000 points which can be accrued. If you have reached this maximum number of points, you will need to redeem your accrued points before you are able to earn more points.

Managing My Reward Points

You have the ability to view and manage your points through your Customer Account. From your account you will be able to view your total points (and currency equivalent), minimum needed to redeem, whether you have reached the maximum points limit and a cumulative history of points acquired, redeemed and lost. The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes. The history will also show you comprehensive informational messages regarding points, including expiration notifications.

My Account

Reward Points Expiration

Reward points do not expire.

Note: Mary Maxim reserves the right to modify Reward Points terms and conditions at any time. Please refer to this page for any future changes to our Reward Points program.